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Camera shy. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, February 10, 2015

Wondering how much clout a PM has when faced with a 'life or death' situation which many Australians believe he should put more pressure on. Everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves.


You have to laugh. Well,you don't have to, alternatively you may be the prime suspect leader? of Australia. Prime target of a media blast rhetorical load of political claptrap the media dung beetles trawl over hoping for a new fresh pattie to engorge upon.

Feelers erect, uniform rhetoric word spin. Big words, earnest expressions. Our fearless Prime Mini Star stirs his faithless back stabbing troops. Divided they stand. Conversely,united they sprawl.The cameras on full boring alert as the audacious "can't make our minds up but when we do we will certainly get behind someone's behind and...(pretty lady in red dress with mike cocked, queries the queer bees )"no comment," they drone,"the PM has my/our/someone's? anyone's? full support!" The colorful political ensemble walks confidently in the one direction, (isn't there a band of that name?) mentally radiating in all directions down the hallowed halls of power. Where decisions of great significance may affect the carpet cleaners of the nation's capital meet/meat forum. The decision is made. New industrial carpet will be laid in the main hallway between the bar and the caucus/'chorus' room. Something hard wearing, but alternatively not so sombre a color that it clashes with the PM's sombre fighting mood. Is our redfaced man- in- black ringing Indonesia's leader to tell him in no uncertain terms he's on his way to discuss the freedom of rehabilitated drug smugglers which would almost certainly put the PM back on the radar of popularity a speck? More importantly,the main thrust being the purpose of giving someone a second chance on the radar of life? Perhaps a firm monetary fist brandished that help for Indonesia would be curtailed should the sentence be carried out? As some intelligent political observers have put forward.

Nup, the leaders of our aghast country stride down the corridor of yet to be replaced carpet, all looking 360% straight ahead, with that, "what's in it for me?" look on their bland inner confused faces. Before the new carpet is laid best to mop up the political bloodletting stains, or at least drag the childish participants involved up and down the worn carpet of 'same old' bull dust in an effort to instill some semblance of order.

"Yes! people i hear you! I hear you. I hear you my sly colleagues! If you would just lay down your 'advisory' knives, I now know what you people want! You want a government that serves the people! If we all pitch in and tread a new "out with the old bloody carpet, pick up the threads of participatory informed cohesive rabble/rebel decisions which i intend to pursue vigorously in my own inimitable style, that should be quite attainable in a mon achievable way.Sort of. I know i made a mistake or dozen. Yes! i hear you clearly. I was riding my bike this morning, a rude person drove past and shouted, "on your bike PM!" Look, i get the message loud and clear rude person. I shall attempt to ride two bikes tomorrow...i thank you people of Australia,have a great knight! Oops! Great day!" The 16- year- old student on a tour of Parliament who uttered this sarcastic commentary was escorted outside and given a dressing down about political correctness.

The PM took it in his stride. He only listened briefly. Didn't quite get it. More urgent pressing things on his mind. What color second bike?

Serious.YOU got a second chance PM. Albeit tenuous. But not as tenuous as two people asking for mercy. Bout time you got on your political bike and started peddling towards the immediate problem...that of not only saving your political life but of those who need your help NOW! Just to live. My opinion. I tried to ring about my car registration this morning.The usual.

"We are experiencing a long delay at the moment...ring back later." Will that become the recorded mantra of a political carpet wearing thin imploding government? Just hope peoples' pleas about IMPORTANT issues aren't swept under it.

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5 comments on Camera shy. RIGINAL.

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By riginal on March 09, 2015 at 05:27 am

Scarlett i have no idea what you're talking about. Are you saying watch out for aerial income as in- the skies the limit and bags you are flogging are made from dogie lizard hermes?

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By Johnny Man on March 22, 2015 at 08:44 am

today when I'm looking for camera I look for gopro in the sky!

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By riginal on March 23, 2015 at 12:12 am

all i can say Johnny Man is go pro for you must know gopro is a free plug to put you in the picture...ho ho? :>)

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By ter on March 30, 2015 at 02:59 am

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By riginal on April 17, 2015 at 09:53 am

duh ter!

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