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by riginal (writer), moe australia, February 07, 2015

One mouse's experimental life in an effort to prolong the rat race.

CYRIL. riginal.

Hi! My name is Cyril. I am the original experimental mouse having served my country by being the recipient of many many experiments humans were, and still are, afraid of performing on themselves for fear of wiping themselves out and dying unceremoniously so this is where i was seconded-lured if you like-into the lab because i possess a brain which most humans these days tend to leave behind in their pursuit of something-anything- that jerks their fancy. Fancy this jerks. I am now a retired experimental mouse author for up and coming young mice keen to get ahead in this world of "say cheese!" You have passed the test of time young up and coming ambitious micers hellbent on avoiding the educational mice trap. I too stuck my neck out for the human two- legged rodents by volunteering for deaf defying stunts. IE, remember the mouse that had an ear grown on its back? That's right...ME! Before i continue, let me fill you in a little on my life. I was born. Grey, furry, in my mothers eyes a cute baby. Mother and my siblings knew i was special. At six months of age i could recite the Holey cheese alphabet. Just prior to my brothers and sisters eating it. I then started to eat newspaper headlines, progressing to glossy mags. One morning i over imbibed on a Kardashian front page down under and i can tell you, by the time i got to her cute ample buns i had had my fill.

You humans may say, and with goodly screwed up countenance,rats! I was sitting on my bunk one morning when it struck me! Dad was a bit of a dill. Lousy collapsible bunk builder. He ran off with a crummy crumb collecting young thing who used to flaunt herself outrageously outside our meager rent-a-hole in the skirting. Dad couldn't resist, lusting after her skin- tight grey mouse genes. You ladies know the shape. A pair of jeans that smooth out mouse bum obvious imperfection bulges. Lifts, separates, coming within a whisker of over flaunt. Dad fell for the trap. Chased her down the hallway, ran straight into a trap. Mum wasn't squeaky clean either. She rocked up at dad's funeral with a ratty- faced hippy mouse half her age. He was quite the entertainer. Played drums on a stolen thimble. I was sick of living my life surrounded by humanistic like outrageous behavior. Besides, the drumming when the hippy heard my mummy coming back from the supermarket was unsettling. He was a lazy sod. I'll give you the drum.A con mouse. Rumor had it he was running with a drumtight rat pack.

One night after a cat nap; i had started a friendship with an alcoholic cat too lazy to rid itself of its own fur balls- i decided to venture down to the unemployed mouse employment center. Hair slicked back, mow trimmed, pointed hand-me- down leather shoes, cat's whisky rinsed out of my whiskers...i made an impression upon the middle -age mouse in charge. Had my IQ tested. I had the added spec brains of a politician. My employment future brightened after i had the speck, which was irritating and suppressing my normal thought- removed free of charge by a sympathetic surgeon. Prof. M, (of mouse surgical fame) you may remember, performed a brain operation on the original Hickory Dickory Dock mouse,enabling the pathological trait inherent in the mouse's makeup that caused it to run up the clock simply to entertain bored kids verbatim-encouraged by bored frustrated parents- to cease this useless scrabbling. However there was a problem. Namely,Wun the time keeper mouse. The now equally bored clock erupted. Struck Wun. The mouse, no longer running, added to the clock's boredom, threw a fit. Was diagnosed for no rhyme or reason for being the first Cuckoo Clock. But i must press on with my life as an experimental mouse. Maybe i'll visit the maddened clock another time when Wun is sufficiently well and the traumatic 'struck' he endured is but another time and place. So i'll wind the clock-no pun intended- up.

There i sat, reading 'jobs available.' Like a beacon my keen sense of smell sniffed as i read the job offer. "Wanted by lab, a highly intelligent mouse with recently removed political plaque off his lobes, to become a test pilot mouse for experimentation purposes. Must be over 18. Some sex involved, but in the main willing to have ears grown on back, extra leg prosthesis implantation, occasional drug use, general acidic stuff thrown in eyes, head occasionally removed and acid poured down throat. Prefer a strong swimmer with 'no fear' attitude. Fun job with room for advancement up the ladder of accomplishment, whereupon you'll be dropped from the ladder onto concrete to test sensitivity to pain. Must have own proper health care cover, driver's licence, first aid grade 4, able to take over the controls,fly a jet at mach 10 after the pilot passes out. Free dental. Wages to be negotiated."

I applied. Got the job. Had a ball. Didn't look back. You don't tend to when you're running away from a starving rattler to test how long its poison takes before you start to rattle. The hell with it. I was ready. The night before the experiment i secreted a morphine filled syringe upon my person. The scientists had a tea break. I plunged the needle into the snake's elbow. The experiment was abandoned. The snake fell asleep with a grin on its face. When it woke that night we shared a coffee, i made it a ham sandwich. I could rattle off a list of our adventures but unfortunately it bit a scientist, had to be put down. Sad really, the snake cried at the scientist's funeral. For God's snake the snake didn't like having a finger stuck in its gob. Next i had an ear grown on my back. I complained, received a great hearing...they removed it.

I was dropped into boiling water to test how a red hot mouse responds to imminent bubble. I rose quickly to the surface, bubble dialed 911 mouse cruelty, yelled into my boiling mobile,"my ass is burning." They stuck me in a fridge. I ate my way out through the seal. Seal wasn't wrapped either. I shouted, "make up your bloody minds, i'm going to ring Geneva." Geneva was a lady friend who used to warm me up on frigid occasion. They placed me under a hydraulic ram with a brick on top of me in an attempt to see how far my eyes would pop out. The ram came down rather swiftly i whispered out to the scientist in charge,"psst!" He bent down, "psst what?" I flicked the brick off, sidestepped. The scientist now possesses the longest recorded flattened nose in experimental recorded history.

His nose was entered in the Guinness book of longest noses, but they had to remove it from the book because it kept snotting a long nosed wooden puppet who claimed the scientist's nose was artificially enhanced. Wooden share first so the scientist's nose had to take a back seat. I mean it took up a WHOLE back seat! One other silly experiment? they put me in a maze after injecting me with heron. The heron cracked a wobbly at having its juice extracted. H picked me up,threw me over the side of the maze. Pecked the maze runner official in the head to her amazement. I could go on for hours but like the mouse that ran up the clock, time to push off. Oh! one humorous experiment i must relate. The head honcho injected me with bubonic plague. What he didn't know is that i was immunized at birth against this distressing- to- humans disease. I said nothing. Play acted that i was dying, rolled round, did the twist. They then tried out their antidote. I sprang up full of vim. WARNING. If you humans want to avoid taking days off work do not take bubonic plague on a regular basis. If your job plagues you maybe it would be a welcome relief?

One of the silliest things i was asked to do just before i retired was to smoke E-Cigarettes to test their harmful effects. I fronted the smokin' scientist offering me the E. I questioned the stupid fellow. "Do you smoke my shit?" "Certainly not!" he replied indignantly."Well then..." i replied as sarcastically as i could, "don't expect me to smoke your shit!"

He walked outside, lit E up E did. Dropped dead E did. Question for you humans. A quarter of your world as you continue to pollinate pollution, wear masks to stop from sucking crap in. Three quarters of the affluent remaining-but not all- try to stuff as much smoke and crap in their tortured lungs as they can? And us rodents are the dumb asses? Actually in retirement i have put in several ads for humans to volunteer to present before us in an effort to ascertain the quickest way to wipe out humanity. What's that? You don't need any help? Okay...have it your own wane. Light up an E ciggie...welcome to E are? Sorry... E.R? Have a great time.

Us mice have died so that you may live to fight another day. But then again, is living to fight every day the answer? Then again, every living thing is deserved of a life as long as it doesn't turn into a rat race for supremacy? Me? I hate rats. :>)

NOTE: No humans were injured in this post. They have their own means and's a genetic compulsion. Some of our Lemming distant cousins routinely aspire to the same. The survivors line up for a thirst quenching Lemming lemonade. Rest a bit. Rush up to the top of the cliff again in the knowledge that if they survive the next jump there's a cool energy reviving drink in a again!

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By Karenkiss456 on February 13, 2015 at 05:39 am

How to Get Liquor Home in Your Michael Kors Crossbody Bag UK

Getting liquor home in your accoutrements is absolutely simple if it is arranged correctly. Assume that the attache will be handled roughly, befuddled about and crushed. If the able precautions are taken, the bottles will access unharmed. Always accomplish abiding the bulk of booze is aural the acknowledged limit. Declare the booze at community and be able to pay assignment if the bulk of liquor exceeds the limit.Please click on the link below to return to the chicbag home page.Use a hardshell attache if possible. A able harder case will accord added aegis adjoin breakage.Place the canteen in a artificial Cheap Michael Kors Crossbody. In case the canteen shatters the michael kors crossbody clutch will anticipate aqueous from aperture all over the attache and its contents.Wrap the bottles in balloon wrap. Cover the absolute bottle. Accomplish abiding there is a atomic an inch of balloon blanket about the bottle. This blubbery band of wrapping will accumulate the canteen protected.Pack the bottles in a attache with clothes. Pack bisected the clothes in the clothing case again abode the bottles in the average of the attache on top of the clothes.Pack the added bisected of the clothes on top of the bottles. The two layers of bendable clothes will act as insulation about the bottle.Every adventurer has encountered a torn accoutrements handle while on a journey, but this allegation not bedew your spirit. It's best to alter a torn accoutrements handle, but in a pinch, you can bound fix the botheration with some aqueduct band and biking appropriately anytime after.Recommended ProcedureBuy a new handle from your bounded accouterments abundance or any added abundance that may banal the part. Accomplish abiding it is the aforementioned size, blazon and blush as the one on your accoutrements -- contrarily it may not fit. You may wish to yield the torn section with you if you boutique for a new handle.Open the michael kors crossbody canada, and acquisition breadth the handle is affiliated to the bag. You may accept to attainable the liner -- about absorbed with zippers -- to acquisition the abutting screws or bolts.Using a screwdriver, abolish the bolts or screws and yield out the torn handle.Install the new handle. Accomplish abiding the handle goes through the top of the accoutrements so it can be accessed to cull the michael kors crossbody chain bag.Screw the new handle into place.Return all liners and any added materials.Zip up the accoutrements and cull on the handle to extend it. Your accoutrements should now be as adequate as new.Emergency ProcedureIf you are in an emergency, acquirement cool cement and aqueduct band from a accessibility store.Apply 10 drops of cool cement to the breadth area the handle broke. Press the handle durably calm for 30 seconds.

Wrap the handle with aqueduct tape. Start wrapping from one end of the handle. The aqueduct band should overlap if wrapping it. This applies added backbone to the handle. packing your attache michael kors crossbody chain, it is acute that you chase the airline and Transportation Aegis Administration guidelines. It will acquiesce you to canyon through the aegis checkpoints easily, appropriately abating you of any added biking stress. Always analysis with your alone airline to actuate its specific accoutrements policy.SizeAirlines are absolute specific if it comes to the adequate admeasurement of attache items allowed. Most airlines acquiesce a best attache admeasurement of 45 beeline inches: the absolute of the bag's height, breadth and width. The accustomed is 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. The best weight is 40 pounds. If a michael kors crossbody for sale exceeds this weight, you may be appropriate to analysis it or pay added fees. Some accoutrements that are aberrant in appearance may not be accepted, even if they fit the defined dimensions. Analysis with your airline to actuate what its attache blueprint are.LiquidsThe Transportation Aegis Administration has a austere 3-1-1 action if it comes to liquids in attache luggage. Liquids accept to be in containers that are 3 oz. in admeasurement or less. All aqueous containers accept to again be put into one bright artificial michael kors crossbody gold that zips, and alone one of these accoutrements is accustomed per passenger. These should be calmly attainable in your attache accoutrements as they accept to be removed and alone scanned at the aegis checkpoint.Prohibited ItemsYou are banned from accustomed assertive items in your attache luggage. Sharp items, such as knives, box cutters, ice picks and razor blades, are not allowed. Guns and accoutrements are prohibited, forth with aegis items such as mace, pepper aerosol and aggressive arts equipment. Some airlines may acquiesce armament to be agitated on. Sports accessories such as baseball bats, hockey sticks and ski poles accept to be in your arrested luggage. Anything flammable,explosive or absolute chemicals cannot be agitated on, in accession to duke tools, including axes, crowbars, hammers and any added apparatus over 7 inches long.QuantityAirlines about alone acquiesce one attache michael kors crossbody green and one baby claimed item. Your attache bag is usually stored in the aerial compartments on the even and your claimed account accept to be baby abundant to fit beneath the bench in foreground of you. Airlines accede claimed items to be a purse, laptop bag, attache or tote bag that is beneath than 36 beeline inches. If you try to backpack on added items than this or they are beyond than the best specification, you will be appropriate to analysis them at the gate.

British Airways is one of the affliction airlines for accident your michael kors crossbody gray. You would anticipate that with all the technology, this bearings would be a affair of the past, but it isn't. You've apparent it immediate because you biking a lot on business. Now, your aggregation is sending you to London, and you amount you should be able in case your accoutrements are a part of the ones to get misplaced. You accept questions like, "How continued ability it take?" and "How abounding hours will I be on the buzz aggravating to yield affliction of this?" Contacting British Airways apropos your absent accoutrements is in fact adequately simple and can be absolutely accessible if handled correctly.If your accoutrements is not on the carousel, try your best to let anyone alive with the airline apperceive afore you leave the airport. They can usually accord you some account as to what you will allegation to do to get your things back.If you flew on added than one airline during your trip, it is the endure one that you flew on that will be amenable for your michael kors crossbody brown. So they are the ones that you allegation to allocution to about the problems.People may complete assured that your accoutrements are appropriate on their way, but you will wish to catechism them carefully on this. They may anticipate that your accoutrements is on the next flight, but accept them analysis the absolute cachet on their computer to accomplish sure.If you can't acquisition your accoutrements afore abrogation the airport, these are the things you allegation to do. First, accomplish abiding you accept a way to accumulate in acquaintance with the British Airways accoutrements affirmation agents (phone number). Second, ask them how continued it ability yield to get your accoutrements to the airport. And finally, ask them about their agreement action on what you accept lost.File a "Lost/Delayed Baggage" address with the British Airways accoutrements affirmation abettor or appointment the hotlink in sources to do this online already you ability your hotel. British Airways will bear your accoutrements to you chargeless of charge. It is accepted for them to accept aggregate to you aural 72 hours.

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By riginal on February 13, 2015 at 07:11 am

Karenkiss456 i have passed your apropos information on to the relevant British Airways and they assured me they would do a complete investigation and employ the services of an English interpreter as to how many axes,crowbars,babies? hammers,chicbags full of chicks, pilots, passengers,and how to stuff anything longer than 7"...into your purse. :>)

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By Karenkiss456 on February 14, 2015 at 12:40 am

A List of Permitted Items on Michael Kors Tote for Women

At the time of publication, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) maintains a list of items that are permitted in carry-on and checked michael kors totes bag when traveling by air. These rules are designed to prevent a potentially unsafe and harmful situation while giving travelers certain conveniences. Some items are not allowed in carry-on luggage but are permitted in checked baggage. All carry-on items are subjected to airport screening in order to ensure compliance. Special items such as wine, food and beverages and prescription medications are permitted under specific circumstances.Carry-On Luggage Toiletries are permitted in carry-on

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By Karenkiss456 on February 14, 2015 at 12:41 am

A List of Permitted Items on Michael Kors Tote for Women

At the time of publication, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) maintains a list of items that are permitted in carry-on and checked michael kors totes bag when traveling by air. These rules are designed to prevent a potentially unsafe and harmful situation while giving travelers certain conveniences. Some items are not allowed in carry-on luggage but are permitted in checked baggage. All carry-on items are subjected to airport screening in order to ensure compliance. Special items such as wine, food and beverages and prescription medications are permitted under specific circumstances.Carry-On Luggage Toiletries are permitted in carry-on

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By riginal on February 20, 2015 at 09:02 am

'carry on' seems to be the flavor of the day Karen. Much askew about nothing, as i go overseas by train. Could you post me a waterproof tote bag with a zip please. Complete with an inbuilt toilet plus a soap holder and a bottle of duty free duty.

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