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Hooray for Hockey Fans!

by Stephanie Michele (writer), Venice, October 13, 2006


A Hockey Fan Love for the Game and It's Fans

Last night I attended a LA Kings vs. Dallas Stars hockey game. Although I am no stranger to hockey, this was my first time attending an LA King's game in their home arena. I was really looking forward to the game. I moved to Los Angeles after living in Dallas for ten years. I went to all of the playoff games when the Stars won the Stanley cup and considered myself a Star's fan.

I have always loved hockey however, I have to admit my interested faded a bit during the NHL strike. Going into the game, I was not sure who I was going to cheer for - my new home team or my old favorite. I honestly never made the decision either because I was just thrilled to be ringside again, taking every shot, fight and slam in. And let's not forget the fans. I love hockey fans!!

I was fortunate enough to sit behind two diehard hockey fans. These two had me in stitches. Their play by play commentating was hilarious. Yet the best was yet to come when Marty Turco (Star's goalie) took the net in front of us. These two taunted Turco, with loud screams every two minutes or so. They screamed, "Tuuuuurrccoooooooo, Tuuuurrrccoooo," or something like, "Hey, Turco, is Mrs. Turco single?"

I honestly could not stop laughing, lucky for me I was behind them though; the guy in front of them was not so amused, as he was spit on many times during the screaming.

Turco was not fazed by my favorite knuckleheads. He made 32 saves on goal and the Stars went on to win the game 4-1. Horray for hockey!!

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By Peter Weinberger on January 30, 2007 at 05:13 am
I'm not alone -- another hockey fan. I have to give encouragement to everyone who goes to Kings games so they don't disappear on us. Peter w.
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By Beniga88 on July 22, 2014 at 08:10 am

I truly think idea is good finestre

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