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The Mind of God: Hawking v. Birnbaum

by Vikas Sharma (writer), India, August 06, 2014

Walkthrough on why human exists, why does the universe exist and understanding the mind of god

In 1988 University of Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking said, “If we do discover a complete theory of the universe...then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we would know the mind of God....”

Coincidentally, also in 1988, independent metaphysicist David Birnbaum of Manhattan announced that he had most probably finally uncovered that very complete theory. In his three part Summa Metaphysica series, Birnbaum elucidates his original, powerful and elegant fundamental theory of the universe – the Theory of Potential. At the core of Birnbaum’s theory – his signature concept Infinite Quest for Potential (see

So, post-Birnbaum was Hawking right? Do we now – post-Summa Metaphysica – have an insight into ‘the Mind of God’? It would appear that the answer is ‘yes, definitely.’ Ironically, Birnbaum was publishing a fairly precise and very formal conceptual answer – via his Unified Formulation in Summa I – the same year that Hawking was pondering quite generally – on Cambridge’s picturesque Mathematical Bridge - what an ultimate answer might possibly imply (see

Q4P: Quest for Potential

the ubiquitous quest for infinite divine potential via Complexification

In any event, in understanding the fundamental drive of the universe, Birnbaum has found that, in so doing, the theory makes the purpose and direction of the universe clear. The Quest for Infinite Potential? (shorthand notation: Q4P) is so pervasive that it is the cause, compass and goal – of the universe. Q4P guides the universe onward; it drives forward the process of Complexification (another Birnbaum-coined term, this one with shorthand notation C+). And just what is C+? This is Birnbaum’s hypothesized natural tendency of the universe is to infinitely strive for higher and higher levels of complexity/sophistication/richness/variety/wondrousness.

Birnbaum further says that the nature of Potential is so universally present that it basically ‘hides in plain sight’ (see This ‘hiding in plain sight’ is the case, because Potential is literally everywhere; it courses through our bodies; it courses through the universe.

Elaboration: We don't consciously think of how atoms or molecules form. We don't think of how planets come together with complex ecosystems or why our planet is so rich in continually evolving life. Mostly though, we don't usually notice that all of these things have something in common – their increasing Complexification. And that Complexification is a result of the universal and overarching infinite Quest for Potential.

A ubiquitous dynamic? Actually, it's easy not to notice. Ironically, it is even easier not to notice for those with a scientific background. We can partially thank the relentless scientific indoctrination of atheist Randomness Theory from the previous century for this. We are so constantly conditioned to believe in the entropy/decay of the universe – that it is naturally eroding and falling apart – that we fail to grasp that entropy/decay is but the collateral consequence of the prime cosmic thrust of growth/Complexification. Meaning, the ‘prime directive’ of the cosmic order is actually the very opposite of entropy/decay. And Quest for Potential via Complexification is actually happening right before our eyes – every minute of every day. Whether it is the formation of a drop of water or the creation of a child, the first notes of a symphony or an altruistic act of kindness – if we stop and look, we can see how the universe continues to grow in greater and richer complexity – and even new, varied and wondrous kinds of complexity previously never imagined.

And to the Potentialist, this infinite divine quest for potential via Complexification is, indeed, “the mind of the divine” that Hawking spoke of. The ‘mind of God’ is actually a quest. God is not some remote being in some other realm. Infinite divine potential is right here, amongst us, permeating the entire universe and imbuing all of us with its life force and infinite spirit.

Analytically, one only need to juxtapose the theory against the incontrovertible evidence; all data/knowledge/science is efficiently embraced by the elegant and powerful pro-science theory of Potential and Complexification. It only takes a little observation over a longer horizon than is usually deployed.

In 1988, separated by the Atlantic Ocean, and not in direct contact, Hawking in Cambridge proposed, while Birnbaum in Manhattan disposed. The march of intellectual history – and of ideas – is often thus: Two cutting-edge players vectoring-onto the same frequency – and re-pivoting civilization.

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By riginal on August 06, 2014 at 11:58 am

...and yet the Bible alludes to this infinite decaying planet as i type,the inevitability of fire and brimstone. Just a simple combination any simple person can not but grasp so why do the boffins and cheer leaders of intelligence persist when we're all going to get our derrier's singed no matter how scientifically enarmored we become with philosophy etc.Therefore i'd rather put my faith in a Red Adair suit instead of brushing my teeth and brain with philosophical flossing and tangent intelligence in a quest perhaps to seek and find an answer God may not want us to know but i get your drift because we must ever pursue man's lifelong over contemplate perhaps the most simple question ever presented to each and every one of us...what have YOU done to enrich and make this planet a little better without the hi-tech hyperbole? And,if you have done so you may be just as close or closer to God than the smartest person on earth who perhaps in their pedantic hypothesis' and greater sense of reason and manipulative 'higher' thinking far above ordinary intelligence which, after all, may just be an intelligent guestimate? But in saying that, and the holy grail is reached...what then? Can over exertion of learning lean towards a far better place to be? Where insanely super intelligent people sit smoking the mysteries of the universe and perhaps getting clouded vision as an end result?...bearing in mind a humble carpenter with simple reasoning once walked an unpolluted world which with the best efforts of the most intelligent scientists of today seems to be fragmenting as fast as new frontiers and technologies can be instrumented to stop the same? Love these guys you speak of and what they speak of,so if they have nailed the answer singularly or in unison i ask again. To what end? To confront God? To be able to step over the threshold of death and back again in a vain attempt to prolong life? And if and when they do and if you believe in God and he IS exposed so to speak...that insurgence could put God perhaps in the worst scenario of his own greatness! For example employment for redundant God's is almost non existent.Is that the agenda? In effect i'd rather see and read of these great men uncovering the government 'cover up' re: alien intervention. But i doubt so because Presidents haven't had much success. Also, i still believe plumbers are closest to godly,ask a scientist whose loo has just backed up what the most important task to hand is. In other words it's no good however intelligent you are if the quantam desk you write or speak from has wobbly call a qualified carpenter or at worst chock the offending leg with a sheaf of scientific profoundness? I've never tried to eat or grow philosophy but then if dumb asses like me didn't exist then people wouldn't be able to ascertain how much more intelligent they are. Aren't we after all only as good as the lowest common denominator. Scary thought! In that we all breath, procreate, and at the end of the day sleep. And upon a cloudy day in China wonder why dumbass government isn't brought to task and admonished for their inability to think ahead which i'm sure the super scientific brains and philisophical meandering will fix...or will they?

Nice post. I enjoyed it but i'd still rather see and talk to an alien, to get their view and if the government reckons we're not ready and would panic then doesn't that reek of the supposed highly intelligent trying to fool the fools who if truth be known see through THEIR 'intelligent' foolishness?

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