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Mad is just a word. Not a 'crazy sentence'. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, July 09, 2014

A friend in deed is just that and if indeed they do you a good one be thankful, embrace them , and their kindness.

SO! You think YOU'RE crazy...step aside! RIGINAL.

Dr. Duerf here Phd M.A.D. fff Sum Raisone...or other. Sometimes. Maybe a reversal Freudian slip? You think you're losing it and you're insane? Absolute utter poppycock balderdash unrelenting self implicating distemporal inner cognitivational observationary "gosh! i'm stark raving mad!"...umbilical stretch of self diagnostical "poor me" crapola. There is no such thing as madness...only the beginnings of which, which can be successfully treated with money. If you have none you'd be crazy to think i'd treat you for nothing. Are you stark raving out of your senses? Grab a hold of yourself and your wallet and "come on down to my house, my house, my house, and we'll sing it together." And if you don't believe yourself, i'll break it as gently as i can in laywomen's -if you're lucky enough- terms. You'd be out of your cotton t-shirt stretched Chinese made 'highly flammable' "one wash and it's stuffed no warranty" cheap and nasty pickin' mind to even think or touch on the periphery of crazy precipice from wench you dangle like a mental Yankee Doodle Dandy on steriodal injection. In other words, laugh at yourself. Everyone else does! Therin lies the answer to your problematic life. The inability because you're sensitive, to tell people without a dab of paste on get stuffed. There is in fact only two registered types of motion madness ever recorded on orbital Earth which in my humble opine flat. Want to argue? Put two balls on the kitchen table. If the Earth was round they would roll off. I rest mine in the knowledge that is a proven. More proof? Drive your car as fast as you can. You'll end up FLAT...against the side of your car with hopefully a buxom police pursuit lady handcuffing you. She'll say,"you were driving FLAT out." You'll be FLAT out trying to convince the pretty woman you were a round about way. You go to court and receive a massive fine. You'll be FLAT out paying the fine because you're FLAT broke. Therefore your Earth is predominately FLAT. Once again i rest mine. If the Earth was round people by gravitational pull alone would be like bent bananas. But people are FLAT out trying to make ends meet. Still not convinced? Put a level on your she round? NO! they're never round when you want them round then when you don't want them round you come home from work and they say,"surprise! i'm going round and we'll be FLAT out managing but it's your responsibility,we may have to sell the the house and move into a FLAT! " As i was saying, only two types of registered motion madness ever recorded. The deposit of mankind on Earth. PLUS the deposit of mankind on Earth. Was going to allude to two extra types- Americans and Australians. But i believe with proper treatment and ongoing support in terms of 'relative comfort' equatorial 'unscrew top' or 'ring pull' zones, there's no reason both types of insect can't be bred in captivity providing the relatives-as i just said- share their comfort...Southern Comfort.

Just varying degrees of digressional liquid thought. Spatially brought on by perhaps one too many burnt bras of sugar loaded sweet toothed cotton candy edible; the end result of burning your bras behind you,and your behind, after your Chinese flammable t-shirt self destructs when a 'friend' ignites same after an argument over "cheap is flammable,here,i'll show you!" I mean what are friends for? You just can't walk away from're too busy getting fired up over their stupidity.

Okay. Compulsive obsessive. I approached this problem in an unorthodox manner. I wanted to wash my hands of this irritating problem. Again and again and again and again and again. I went over and over and over and over and over my notes and came to the same conclusion over and over again that it doesn't really matter if you do something over and over again. As long as you don't make a habit of it.

Shitsofriendofya. This in fact is not a problem and doesn't require medication. Just chase the shits of a friend of ya who set fire to your flammable Chinese t-shirt and embrace THEM! Smoke gets in their eyes.

At this point may i add another string to my shrinking mental bow. I started 'shrinking' as a mid wife in animal husbandry. Graduated to a wife in effect looking at animals and their mental problems from a sensitive female point of view.

A Chicken came to me thinking it had mad cow disease. I milked it, tested its milk and found traces of mad cow.Had a cow of a time with the cow. It thought it had been infected by mad chicken disease. I laid my mental cards on the table. Milked the chicken. The cow laid an egg. We had scrambled eggs and that's how the madness all started.

What i'm saying is, if your so called 'friends' berate you, call you crazy, tell them to get stuffed and have some manners because crazy is indefinable and exists only in a shrink's office and whose to say they're so damned sane? After all, the prices they charge would drive you i've heard. Have a mental weekend. Layabout and listen to the sounds of joy.

At least ring her and get her to come over for a bit of Southern Comfort. Tell her to leave the flammable t-shirt at home.

Mad is just a word. Not a 'crazy sentence.' Kidding bout the shape of the Earth. It's square when you hang round with sourpusses though, wouldn't you agree?

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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By riginal on August 15, 2015 at 09:45 am

yes Janessa 77 but do you know what sends me over the edge of this mad mad mad world...floggers! Thank God you're not one girl? :>) traincrazy off the rails methinks? :>)

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