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What Makes ITC the “Greenest Luxury Hotel Chain” in the Worl

by sandepsingh (writer), , June 11, 2014

Credit: ITC Hotels
ITC Hotels - Responsible Luxury

It is a matter of national pride to know that the ITC’s chain of luxury hotels has been awarded the highest Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) design rating of “Platinum”.

It is a matter of national pride to know that the ITC’s chain of luxury hotels has been awarded the highest Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) design rating of “Platinum”. This makes the hotels the “greenest luxury hotel chain in the world”.

The Commitment for Responsible Luxury

With an aim to offer to their guests “responsible luxury” the hotel chain has worked hard towards inculcating a variety of ethos that integrate some of the most globally accepted and appreciated best practices in green management. This is achieved, without compromising on the quality and appeal of the contemporary design elements that come together to offer the most luxurious experiences ever.

The commitment towards responsible luxury allows the hotels to blend various natural elements with modern amenities to facilitate a unique value proposition to guests who are conscious about the future of our planet.

Further Green Steps Taken for Enhanced Sustainability

Among the various environment friendly measures that the hotel chain has worked so hard to implement; they have especially laid significant impetus on maintaining their carbon positive, water positive and solid waste recycling positive status. Every guest that stays in an ITC luxury hotel contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

  • The use of natural resources in daily operations is something all industries across the board are considering actively. In the case of ITC, they take this very seriously. Through its practices, the hotel chain has been able to reduce water consumption by 60% and energy consumption by 20%. Furthermore, about 5 of the ITC hotels have successfully de-carbonised their operations by adopting wind energy.
  • Furthermore, ITC Hotels are also the first chain to be certified by the US Green Building Council, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to encourage sustainable building designs and construction.
  • The hotel chain has been able to maintain its water positive status for 11 years and its carbon positive status for 8 years now. In both cases, ITC Hotels were able to reduce its sources and consumption by 41% of its total requirements to renewable energy. Furthermore, during the same time frame, the hotel chain has also been responsible for over 142000 hectares worth of afforestation.

Innovation in Sustainable Practices by ITC

The title of being the greenest luxury hotel chain in the world is primarily owed to some of the following innovative practices that are currently being pursued at the ITC Hotels-

  • 11 LEED Platinum properties in India
  • 5 hotels that operate on wind energy, where the largest self owned wind farms (20.5MW) by any hotel chain belongs to the ITC group.
  • The glazed energy efficient windows at all hotels contribute to the minimization of solar heat gain and the consequent load on the HVAC systems
  • Efficient use of LED light fixtures in the guest rooms as well as the public area such as lobbies and restaurants.
  • 100% reduction in water consumption with regards to AC usage has been achieved over the last few years
  • Furthermore, 60% of the room stationery and other consumables come with certified, recycled content that is sourced locally.

By supporting national as well as global priorities, the hotel chain aims to continue on this path of sustainable development.

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By Babeta88 on June 13, 2014 at 01:36 am

It is so special and look rekuperacja warszawa

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By riginal on June 20, 2014 at 05:07 am

just a shame the word luxury limits or places the affordability of such hotels beyond the pockets of most in your region i would imagine but i could be totally wrong as costs were not supplied? Shame also that this sort of infrastructure will probably never see the light of day in poorer regions of same.

After all,l i believe a country's 'green' face 'total' overall is the parameter of its future and ongoing health,if luxury hotels etc be the epitome of how a country is perceived then so be it...i'm sure wealthy polticians are or have been taking notes during their stay at such hotels which certainly set a pinnacle progress should aspire to in pursuit of 'green health' for not a select few but for the nation as a whole. Cheers.

France has a 'green' based sewerage system in the midde of a city which is the ultimate.Wonder how many other countries will follow suit? Green solutions for all and the sooner the better. Green shouldn't be a luxury inspired 'stand alone' but a must if the world is to survive the current pollution of some major cities whom should do better but dont. Heartbreak Hotel?

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