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A's Heading to San....Francisco?

Credit: San Francisco Giants
The A's and Giants may both call this home soon if the A's and the Coliseum can't agree to a new lease

Major League Baseball has stepped in as issues between the Oakland Athletics and the officials of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum may force the A's to play in San Francisco

Wouldn’t it be ironic even in the slightest way if it actually made sense to wear a black and orange Oakland A’s hat, to an Oakland A’s game at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Or, how about the name, “The Oakland Athletics of San Francisco?”

On Sunday, sources confirmed with the San Francisco Chronicle’s Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross about Major League Baseball willing to help the A’s play at AT&T Park if the officials of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum can’t agree to a deal on a new short-term lease for the club.

The move out of Oakland would be the first step to the A’s starting anew somewhere outside of Oakland, while even agreeing to a short, possible two-year lease would give the A’s time to find a their way to San Jose. The Coliseum officials want a longer lease in the range of five to eight years.

According to the report, “The sticking point in the Coliseum negotiations hasn’t been the length of the lease so much as the money from food and concessions. Inder their old lease, the A’s managed the concessions for all sporting events at the stadium, including for the Raiders, and they got a major share of the revenue – terms the Coliseum Authority wants to change in its favor.”

“Now we have to do this lease quickly because Major League Baseball has injected itself into the conversations,” said an anonymous member of the Coliseum’s governing board.

Should the A’s actually move to AT&T Park, it’ll mark the first time in over 35 years that two MLB teams shared a stadium. The Yanks and Mets shared Shea Stadium for a year while Yankee Stadium was being renovated, while the Dodgers and the Angels shared Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles from 1962-65.

But this is the low-cost Oakland Athletics, moving into the not-so-low-cost AT&T Park, where the not-so-low-cost San Francisco Giants call home. Should the move happen, it forces fans who would normally take BART to the Coliseum, to spend more money on transportation to get to AT&T Park. Can you imagine that right-field bleacher crew so far into triples alley in right center?

It almost seems Twilight Zone like that the Oakland A’s may finally get their “new stadium.” Or, at least, call one home for a season or two. Like a timeshare.

For the record, A’s Opening Night at the ballpark by the bay will be dubbed “Twilight Zone night” and will have an Alfred Hitchcock hologram mechanically throw out the first pitch as “The Oakland A’s of San Francisco” begin their 2014 campaign. It will cost more than the favored $1 or $2 Wednesday nights and it’ll be sponsored somehow… by MUNI.

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