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Steel Buildings Offer Many Environment Benefits

by Neil Hanks (writer), Canada, October 25, 2013

Credit: Steel Building
Steel Building

Steel buildings that have been created with more durable materials can provide a number of important ecological and environmental benefits.

Steel buildings that have been created with more durable materials can provide a number of important ecological and environmental benefits. More durable construction means that fewer resources will be needed in terms of long-term maintenance or a premature replacement. The resources and materials needed to conduct repairs or perform routine upkeep on structures that have not been designed for long-term use may make a far greater environmental impact than you may have expected. Structures that have been built to last and that make use of a simpler and more durable design offer a more sustainable option for owners who may be concerned about the environment and natural world.

Limitations of Conventional Buildings

Using wood based construction requires lumber to be harvested and transported, as well as the additional materials needed to complete construction, provide interior insulation and to create a more aesthetically pleasing exterior. In addition to the trees that must be harvested in order to produce lumber, the dyes, chemical treatments and other agents involved in the process have the potential to do much harm to the natural environment. Electing to make use of the simplicity and elegance that steel construction has to offer can provide a far more effective solution.

Wooden structures and buildings that make use of manufactured materials such as vinyl in their construction could result in a far less durable finished product. Buildings that have been made to last, and that will require a minimum of upkeep and maintenance will require far less resources in the long term. Once construction has been complete, steel buildings can often survive for many decades before they require servicing or replacement; ensuring that your new building will require fewer materials and resources over the years can do much to minimize risk to your surrounding environment.

Sustainable Buildings for a Sustainable Future

Investing in a more ecologically sound option for your exterior garage, storage shed or other building can allow to you enjoy a greener and more sustainable property and lifestyle. Having to waste additional resources and make a greater negative impact on the environment in your efforts to maintain and service less durable buildings and construction options can be very limiting in your efforts to create the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly property possible. Learning more about how steel buildings may be better for the environment will ensure that you are able to make the right choice.

Doing all we can to protect and improve the environment is a responsibility that we owe our children, and never an issue that should be taken lightly. Adding an exterior building to your home or property that may prove to be far from sustainable would be a very unfortunate and costly misstep. Educating yourself regarding the ecological advantages that steel buildings and more sustainable and durable construction options can provide can allow you to make the best choice possible. Investing in sustainable design ensures that you can do more in your efforts to secure a greener, brighter and more secure future for all.

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By riginal on October 26, 2013 at 12:34 am

I hope you're not encouraging people to steel? Nuff of that going on already by the government.Your article makes steel a sound investment indeed. And despite the lightweight but very strong frames created in part no doubt by the intrinsic pressed shapes which gives it that strength, it is a lot preferable than timber for the reasons you state. Brand new houses built out of 'green' hardwood (building rush was on some 20 years back green timber didn't have the time to dry out) had the propensity to twist and warp something terrible,visually noticeable in fact. The lighter kiln dried woods which superseeded the hardwood as in pine construction seemed not quite as strong and thinner framework.Although a good deal straighter. Are you by any chance a distibutor for steel construction? People like Ranbuild sheds in Australia have a great reputation and their cyclonic rated construction indeed very strong. The lightness and strength employed in steel framing is fast catching on and has been that way for a while. Plus i guess you have the option of employing brick feature walls or timber if desired during or after construction. Interesting post. I would guess the price would be favorable in comparison? cheers.I mean who would buy a comic. " of wood?" Steel you never know.

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By Credo on October 27, 2013 at 02:18 am

Can the economy sustain any more of these building contracts?


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By riginal on October 27, 2013 at 07:58 am

If the 'overalls' of economy are fitted with steel braces instead of those elastic type would that encourage the economy to pull its socks up? Or wooden that work? Good question Credo. :>)

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