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Facebizzle & Usin Other Ghetto Media Channels Could Hurt Lov

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, July 20, 2013

Oxfordz Internizzle Institue found dat at some point tha upkeep of all kindsa muthafuckin separate communication channels may undermine tha qualitizzle of yo' relationshizzle.

Perhaps itz common sense dat if yo ass aint bustin time together yo' relationshizzle wit yo' spouse or dope other may be jeapordized. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Technologies like fuckin Twizzle, Facebizzle, n' LinkedIn make it possible though ta keep up wit yo' partner much mo' than eva before, so a crew outtaUniversitizzle of Oxfordz Internizzle Institutewanted ta peep whether diverse communications channels, beyond email n' texting, strengthened relationshizzle tizzles up in tha digital era.

What he found is dat too much rappin' all up in too nuff different channels could hurt a relationshizzle. "Over 24,000 playas up in marital relationshizzlez took part up in tha freshly smoked up research, rockin 10 media channels," accordin ta Bernie Hogan of tha Universitizzle of Oxfordz Internizzle Institute. "We found dat dem rockin mo' media tend ta report no pimped outer relationshizzle satisfaction n' some even reported decreasin satisfaction."

Hogan found dat mo' media use up in a relationshizzle signals "tizzlez of strength" though there may be a tippin point afta which tha increasin challengez of keepin up n' maintainin all kindsa muthafuckin channelz of communications starts ta weaken our ludd ties.

How, if at all, have you noticed dat yo' use of hood media has affected yo' relationshizzle wit yo' dope other?

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