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Los Angeles Dodgers to Make the SF Giants Blue this Season

by Media75 (writer), , December 11, 2012

Credit: Yahoo Sports
Zack Greinke

This is a sports article about the new acquisitions made to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and their pursuit of a Championship in 2013.

If you are a San Francisco Giants fan, you have plenty to be worried about. In fact, you better prepare to get the blues. Though the World Series trophy was hoisted high in the City by the Bay, it could very well come to the City of Angeles in 2013. Last weekend the Los Angeles Dodgers signed former Cy Young winner Zack Greinke, and Korean sensation Hyun-Jin Ryu for a combined cost of $225 million. With a solid rotation that includes Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw, former Red Sox World Series winner Josh Beckett and veterans Chad Billingsly and Ted Lilly, the Dodgers have the strongest rotation in the West, and arguably in the National League. In an article published by Bleacher Report, the author bets his buck on the Dodgers winning the World Series in 2013—something Dodgers fans have had hopes to see since last winning it in 1988 against Oakland.

This comes as a big relief to Dodgers fans who endured years of torturous ownership under the much-hated Frank McCourt. McCourt, as you may recall, went through a tumultuous divorce and spent no money on the franchise.

When a group chaired by former Lakers ledged Magic Johnson took ownership of the franchise, some much-needed moves took place. The largest franchise trade in history occurred when the Dodgers purchased a red-hot Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett from the Boston Red Sox. The Dodgers also acquired utility man Nick Punto. In 2012 the Dodgers lead the NL West for most of the season, until the Giants newest acquisition Melky Cabrera won numerous games in extra innings while taking substances banned by MLB. Though he was suspended, his drugged-up bat gave the Giants just the boost they needed to push their way into first place, and send a clean Dodgers team into second. The Giants have a tradition of signing repeat dopers, and keeping them on the roster after they serve out their suspensions. Pitcher Guillermo Mota served a 100-game suspension for failing a drug test, and Barry Bond (asterisk) will undoubtedly never see his way into the Hall of Fame. When former Cy young winner Eric Gagne failed a drug test, he was released from the Dodgers the following year. The Dodgers took a gamble on signing Manny Ramirez after he swore to be clean, and after ultimately letting the team down, he was shipped off to Tampa Bay, suspended, and picked up by a desperate Oakland club.

Dodger fans have more to be excited about aside from winning a championship. Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten announced that permits are getting approved for several upgrades to Dodger Stadium, which just completed its 51st season of being used. It is the third oldest stadium in Major League Baseball, and will continue to proudly display its nostalgic aesthetics. Some of the known upgrades include expanding the clubhouse, and adding new restaurant and amenities.

Sometimes the honest guys don’t finish first. But what with the smart investments made by new Dodger ownership, and the best rotation in the NL West, the chances for Dodger fans to be celebrating in the streets of Los Angeles during a World Series Parade just got better, and San Francisco fans might be feeling blue, while Dodger blue reigns on high.

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