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The Light of Dawn in Ivy Leage

DAWN LOGGINS: The Walking Miracle of Living-Evidence::that CINDERELLA is not just a Myth!

Gift of Crystal-Globe-Reading:::dedicated to The Light of DAWN::::The Wisest of Ancient Kings SOLOMON teaches US that Humility precedes HONOR.....indeed!--You have been Humble like a Cinderella Mopping the Floors--Indeed you have been Native!--without the Privilege of Electricity--that SO MANY Americans consider "necessity"--and Yet you have Proven!--that even with Logs of Obstacles on Your Life-Track--EVEN when you have been Tripped--out of your Home and Off your Path!--Even Then--like Gods Angels--Your Society--Your Friends--have Proven to Bee the Greatest Support-Network--and MORE of a 'Family' 2 you--than your own Genetic 'Parents'--EVEN through the Mud-Slide of what appeared to Bee the END...has turned into a Beautiful Beginning--YOU have Been through the STORM--Figuratively AND Literally--YOU are Now Sliding on The Rainbow--that Follows the Storm--the GREATER the Storm--the GREATER the Rainbow--SOME will Appear to Have had it 'Easier' than You!--do Not Ever envy them--may they ENVY you!--4 Dawn!--the Character and Resilience and Determination that have been Cultivated in you Out of the Field of Trauma and Hardship--and The Glitter of Hope in Your Glossy Eyes!--are EVIDENCE to Me and to You and to All of America--that sometimes the Greatest of Earths Treasures--come in The Most Unlikely Society-Wrap--out of all Candidates--somebody On that Board is an Angel--and that Justice Light on Harvards Board--yielded a Unanimous Decision: Indeed it is The Day of Dawn!--(Laying-Out-Cards)--YOUR NAME will Expand like The Ripples in a Pond--after a Rock has hit the Water--and The Circles Multiply!--this may bee the FIRST that America has Heard of your Greatness--as a Young Lady that can truly 'Hurdle'--BUT--4 sure--we have Not heard the Last of Dawn!--your Future is Beyond Great--it is MAGNIFICENT as you are Phenomenal--your Treasure is the *GEM OF YOUR MIND* and your Sensitivity and Compassion--MANY have 'Book-Knowledge' and Any Fool can 'Memorize' Notes--but YOU are Different--4 there is a Vast difference between The Intellect of 'Knowledge' (information beeing put in) and The Intellect of *Wisdom--and YOU Dawn have The Rare Light of Wisdom shining Outward--to Such a Divine Degree--that eye promise you--You will ASTOUND your Professors--some will have to ReLook over their Notes--at the sound of your Gentle yet Poignant Truth-Ray of a VOICE--and Whenever your Hand Rises in Ivy League--a SILENCE will fall over the Crowd--a Silence of Respect 4 what you have 2 say--4 though you Don't generally talk Much--and People look at you like you are 'Helen Keller' when you DO Speak--it is Intellectually Impressive with a Rare Emotional Intelligence that NATURE gifted to You--by The Power of Her Elements--GODDESS Remembers how you Held Her Flame in Your Hand--and the Fire-Light of Her Candle--was Your Security Warmth and Comfort--and what Empowered you--to Expand your Mind--like an Einsteinian Universe.... Please Note::::(3rd) Eye have Zero personal-connection with Dawn or Her Society of Friends--this Prophecy is merely Intuitive-Gamble--in fact--(3rd) eye only JUST heard of Dawn Loggins a few hours ago 2day (June 9th, 2012)--and Felt compelled in My Spirit to Share a Reading--to the Best of my Tainted Awareness--BEST OF LUCK 2 Dawn--May She Bee a 'Light' wherever She Walks!....X

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