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Dear Coach Scott

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Looking For Love

When you are consciously aware of attraction venues, you will be better prepared to meet potential partners.

Dear Coach Scott,

I am twenty-nine year old male, and a successful investment manager. I am in excellent shape, love the great outdoors, enjoy cooking and volunteering my time. The time has arrived for me to start dating and looking for love. But I have a problem: where do I meet potential partners? Can you help?


Looking For Love

Dear LFL,

Yes, I can help! In Conscious Dating, we teach singles all about places where you can scout and screen potential partners. These places are called attraction venues. By being consciously aware of attraction venues where you can potentially meet the love of your life, you will be better prepared and able to seize the opportunities that arise. Conscious Dating identifies four levels of attraction venues:

Level One: Public places such as the supermarket, post office, grocery store, coffee shop, art and wine festival…places with a great diversity of people. Finding the life partner you are looking for in these settings is possible, but not very likely.

Level Two: Generic singles settings such as online dating, singles bars, singles clubs, singles events, personal ads. While your odds increase in these settings because you meet more singles, finding qualified potential partners can be quite challenging, as many frustrated singles will attest.

Level Three: These are settings such as ski clubs, bike clubs, yoga classes and more in which you share a strong interest with everyone present. These settings are great for making friends and having fun, in addition to finding a potential partner. If you do not meet the kind of potential partners you are looking for, you can still form friendships and network. Your new friends can be your best scouts, and people that you would want for friends are more likely to know someone who will be a great match for you.

Level Four: These are settings in which you share important values, goals, and/or passions with everyone there, such as your church, service clubs, personal growth venues, and more. These are highly individual and can sometimes be a challenge to find, but the good news is that you can create your own. Remember, “If you build it, they will come!” These settings tend to be communities unto themselves, and have a strong level of mutual support and involvement in each other’s lives. These settings are the best venues for finding the love of your life and/or getting the support you need to find the love of your life.

Being consciously aware of the four levels of attraction venues is only one part of a successful love plan for a single. Before you venture out into these attraction venues, ask yourself, "Am I relationship ready?" Relationship readiness means that you know your life vision and what you want in life and a relationship. It means knowing your requirements, needs and wants for a relationship and much more. The more aligned the attraction venue is with who you are and who you are looking for, the higher likelihood of success. Remember, there is no hurry to finding the love of your life. Take your time and be ready so that when you do check out those venues, you will attract the love of your life and find the happiness and fulfillment you deserve!


Coach Scott

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