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Delusions of Grandeur

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Sunshine, smiles and love!

Does a healthy dose of self love and acceptance encourage laziness and non-growth?

I recently sat down with a friend whom I respect greatly, and as in a lot of conversations with my friends, it always leads to teasing me about my “sunshine and rainbows” attitude towards life. After he got the “jokes” out of the way, he mentioned to me how he respects what I post on Facebook , however, believes that I give people the wrong impression. He went on to say that he believes that by telling people to recognize their own greatness and perfection, that I am encouraging people to “be lazy” and to not do any self analysis or self-work. More specifically, “your posts reinforce lazy people’s ability to live within their own deluded image of self perfection.” Now, having taken other people’s opinions of me over the years to heart, I’ve done my own self-work and have realized that I used to easily get defensive and always had to jump back with something to say when I felt like I was being criticized. I heard it on more than one occasion and have now learned why I did that and have made every effort to work on that. With that said, I took what he said to heart, and realized that if he is getting this message, then that means, more than likely, others are as well. So this article is devoted to clearing up my message.

I believe in the beauty of all of us. I believe that the core of who we are, our spirits, are perfection. I believe that there is no need to compare ourselves to others or try to be like others because we were created in our own unique perfection. When I encourage people to remember this, I am speaking from the place of spirit. When I encourage people to not listen to the criticism of others, I say it from the space if it doesn’t sit in your soul comfortably. I encourage people to see everyone and every situation in their lives as a teacher and lesson. That means that if someone says something to you, you absolutely take it into your being, and process it. Your spirit knows when something sits comfortably there or when it immediately wants to dismiss it. That’s all part of the inner work that I encourage in my posts. A lot of my writing and messages are aimed at people who don’t feel good about themselves. People who have lost hope or the desire for a better life or simply just don’t feel that they are worthy or valuable enough. Of course, most of that stems from that inner child who was criticized, ignored, felt abandoned , or too spoiled or “too anything” that lays the groundwork for future life “issues”. All of those “issues” are what cover up the truth of who I think we really are; spiritual beings living in human form. The part of us that has no EGO. The part of us that sees everyone and everything through the eyes of love. The part of us whom would save someone’s life if need be, without a second thought, even if we didn’t particularly “like” them. This is whom I believe we are at our core. This is what I believe is perfection, worthy and has infinite potential! This is whom I encourage to love, nurture and allow to shine! When we uncover all the “stuff” that buries our light, this is the truth of who you are and whom I speak to when I write.

There are many people who are going to come into your life and show you the truth of who you are, either positively or negatively. We should always be living our life consciously and with the mindset that all of life is a continuous learning experience and the moment we stop learning, is the moment we stop living. So with all this “living”, there is no time for laziness. Laziness equals apathy and when you live from the space of learning, there is no room for apathy in your life. So yes, absolutely listen to what others have to say. Absolutely take guidance from those you respect. Absolutely allow others experiences to help light your way. But at the end of the day, when you push aside that EGO and allow your spirit to truly guide you, and the words or actions of another do not fill your soul with that inner peace that only you know what that is, then by all means, thank them for their love, but be true to yourself every step of the way! That truth is what makes you, you and helps light up every corner of the world! I will end this with what I believe in my very soul and that is: You are love, perfection and greatness and you just have to come to know it. (After self-work, of course.)

Special thank you to Jeremy for being another one of my teachers along my journey.

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8 comments on Delusions of Grandeur

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By PATRICK PETION on September 28, 2011 at 02:49 pm

wow am impress, but i don't know why your friend will assume that, well no i know everything arround us always try to make us feel bad is as we lost our true nature. but thinks for people like you who can still recognize our true nature. yes man is basicly good. but society is the real problem. not you shari

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By ranfuchs on September 28, 2011 at 02:53 pm

We learnt that there is no perfection or greatness. Happiness came from the search, growth, and knowing that you can always get better.

I never found greater happiness than achieving something that I could not do yesterday, knowing that tomorrow I will be able to do it better.

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By Shari G on September 28, 2011 at 02:57 pm

Perfection for me equals YOU. Meaning, living your truest self. Of course nobody is "perfect" but they are perfectly them. That is what I mean. I think we all were created imperfectly perfect and trying to be someone else or not realizing our own potential is a huge downfall! Happiness for me comes from loving and accepting myself in all of my beauty and flaws and accepting the same in others.

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By Glenn T on September 28, 2011 at 08:13 pm

Well, if nothing else - this is proof positive that you, Shari, are officially the anti-me :)

I kid, I kid...

But while I cannot advocate the love and light viewpoint 100%, I also know that my own cynicism benefits from a little unmitigated sunshine now and again. I believe that both positive and negative emotions have the power to shape us, and a failure to use them both will leave you as half a person (at best)... Hate and vengeance are powerful motivators and can drive us to great successes, and platforms from which we can love and grow - and they are no less valid because they are driven from dark places.

My dad always told me, it's ok to not care what anyone thinks, it's not ok to not care what everyone thinks. (and it's obvious corollary - if everyone thinks you're an asshole - guess what?)

Life, as with politics, is best practices somewhere in the middle... because it turns out that between good and evil, heaven and hell & love and hate - is really where we all should be.

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By ~Di~ on September 29, 2011 at 11:43 am

The Greatest Things In Life Can't Be Touched Wonderful article, Shari. I know that you have been the one to inspire me on many,many. occasions. I believe that the negative, critical comments of others, as we are growing up, help shape us into the person that we are becoming today. We are constantly evolving into a better version of ourselves. Sometimes people are right in their "constructive criticism" and other times people are just plain mean and jealous. One must consider "the source" and not take everything to heart. I've had to teach my boys this because I was one of the kids that took everything personally. I still struggle with this, today. I always tell them "If there is something that YOU do not like about yourself, then change it; but don't let someone else change you into what They want you to be" Everyone is responsible for their own actions.So Shari, keep doing what you're doing. You have a special gift. You speak from the heart and it is apparent in your writing. I know, from what you have said, that you aspire to be an actress; but perhaps your calling right now, this moment, is to be a writer. You didn't get here by accident. You weren't given the gifts that you have for no reason. I think that you have a lot to share and teach the world.I guess what you write is all in the perception and the interpretation, because I never thought for one minute that you were encouraging people to be complacent and lazy; but then I am at a different place in my life, that others may not be. We all take away what we want from things that we read.I, for myself, want to thank you for the many times that you said exactly what " I " needed to hear/Love ya? Diana?

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By Zen_Sheila on September 29, 2011 at 07:58 pm

Huh, never in a million years would I equate getting lazy with self acceptance. In fact, I would think the more you are in tune with yourself and know yourself, the less lazy you would be. Anyhow, great post! I found you somehow or another through a post you posted somewhere on FB, lol. (with a link to here) So hello! :)

Sorry if this posted twice, I had to sign up to comment and not sure if it posted or not.

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By Lady D on September 30, 2011 at 01:14 pm

Thanks for keeping the air fresh on the Broo. Learning to allow myself to just me.

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By PATRICK PETION on October 11, 2011 at 02:12 pm

wait a minuite what greatness and perfection have to do with allow myself to just be me. so if you are lazy, you can just be lazy. that not what the article is about. where did he get that from so if you are a looser alow to be a looser. stpd

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