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The Giant Enemy - Whale Wars Pt. 1

by BusinessLife (writer), The Carolinas, August 09, 2011

Credit: Sea Shepherd
Nisshin approaches the stern of the Gojira
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While Gojira Captain, Locky MacLean is moving the craft into position, the Nisshin Maru appears to have its own mission – to eliminate the Gojira.

Last time, the Bob Barker was in search of the Nisshin Maru. In its search, the Bob Barker found an iceberg. But it was the Gojira and crew who found the lead whaling manufacturing ship.

Now, it’s time to stop Japanese whaling altogether before the other ships from the Japanese fleet catch up to the Nisshin to protect it.

The crew from the Gojira knows the blood they see pouring out from the side of the Nisshin Maru is from a freshly-killed whale. As they approach, a voice is heard blaring from the speakers onboard the Japanese vessel warning them to stay away from the ship or face consequences.

But the crew from the Bob Barker and the Gojira are more than ready to face whatever consequences any of the Japanese whaling fleet attempts.

In fact, they are ready to dish out some consequences of their own to those who would take the lives of some of the most extraordinary residents of the Antarctic Ocean.

It has taken more than 8 weeks to find the Nisshin Maru. But now, with the lead manufacturing ship before them, the Gojira and its crew are ready to do what it takes to end this – to shut down Japanese whaling once and for all.

1500 miles north, the Steve Irwin finishes stocking supplies onboard and refueling. They have word that the Nisshin Maru has been found. Adrenaline flowing through all of the crew members, they race to get back on open waters to catch up to the others and help protect the lives of whales, some species facing extinction.

(Video with this article: Getting a behind-the-scenes look at helicopter pilot, Chris Aultman and how valuable he is to the Sea Shepherd team. Plus, look for footage past the Whale Wars show image to find out how Chris connects Star Wars to his mission at sea.)

While the deck crew works on tactical tools to use against the Japanese fleet, Captain Paul Watson reviews the way they will navigate the Steve Irwin to catch up with the Gojira. Watson knows it will take at least five days to catch up with the Gojira and the Nisshin Maru.

This places great pressure on the crew of the Gojira, a fiberglass structure, thousands of tons smaller than the massive, lead manufacturing ship. But the Bob Barker is much closer and will soon be alongside the Gojira to make a stand against the Japanese whalers.

The fear is that the Bob Barker won’t get there soon enough and the Nisshin Maru may will slip through the heavy ice and continue harpooning whales.

In the meantime, the Gojira’s mission is to do whatever it takes to stop the Nisshin Maru. They take their first shots at the manufacturing ship.

No sooner do they strike the vessel, the Nisshin Maru changes direction and heads for the ice to escape the Gojira, just as they did the Steve Irwin one week ago.

The captain of the Gojira, Locky MacLean calls to speak to the crew of the Bob Barker to let them know that the Nisshin Maru is at full speed and making a run for the ice to lose their tail and get back to harpooning whales.

The Gojira cannot enter the ice. Made completely of fiberglass, they would lose the vessel and the entire crew. The Gojira crew knows they have to stop the Nisshin Maru to allow the Bob Barker to catch up and help fight the Nisshin.

Suddenly, the Nisshin changes its course. It appears to be headed towards the Gojira.

Captain MacLean has killed the engines as the crew waits for support from the Bob Barker. The Nisshin is now plowing through the water at full-speed, headed directly for the Gojira.

The mammoth manufacturing ship is closing the gap between it and the Gojira. It's time to move.

Captain MacLean has the crew preparing to launch a prop fouling line as he revs the engines and speeds ahead to avoid being crushed by the Nisshin Maru.

Captain MacLean is also desperately trying to position the Gojira in front of the lead manufacturing vessel to drop the prop fouling line, hoping to stop the Nisshin in its tracks.

While Captain MacLean is moving the craft into position, the Nisshin appears to have its own mission – to eliminate the Gojira.

“I’ve never seen such a large ship this close before,” says one crew member.

“It’s like staring down the barrel of a gun,” says another.

The Gojira speeds ahead, still remaining in front of the Nisshin, just feet in front of its bow. The gargantuan, Japanese vessel continues to pound the Antarctic waves hurdling towards the Gojira.

Meanwhile, Captain MacLean is desperately trying to obtain the right angle in front of the Nisshin to drop the prop fouling line.

The 200-meter line is dropped. The crew waits.

But the Nisshin Maru continues on. There is no impact. The manufacturing ship speeds ahead towards the heavy ice.

The Gojira crew knows they may have an hour, if that before the Nisshin is in the ice and out of reach to the Gojira and the entire Sea Shepherd fleet. Captain McLean knows that hitting just one piece of ice will cut through the Gojira, endangering the lives of the entire crew, along with the vessel itself.

Growing desperate, Captain MacLean decides to use every single item they have onboard that can be attached to a line to build one massive prop fouling line. This includes taking 10 meters from the anchor chain, attaching it to the line, hoping this will entangle itself in the Japanese ship’s propellers and stop the vessel in its tracks.

One…two…three! The line is thrown out into the water. The crew from the Gojira holds onto the line, biding their time and waiting for the perfect moment to release everything that they can possibly use.

It’s time. “Let it go! Let it go!”

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By BusinessLife on August 09, 2011 at 11:56 pm

Cher: The show keeps me in suspense each week. I am really looking forward to interviewing Captain Watson in the coming weeks! Living one's passion and not merely talking about what should or should not be done...well, it takes guts...kind of like opening up about personal emotions through the written word. :)

Thanks for always being so supportive. It means quite a lot.

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