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The Do Not Call List

by Jon Ryan (writer), , December 13, 2018

Credit: Frustrated.

Getting random calls is not only annoying. In some cases, it's even dangerous. Protect your family and their phones today with the NDNCR.

We can all relate to getting calls at home during those special times of the day. It’s hard to enjoy a dinner with the family when you are getting interrupted every five minutes to ask once again “Please take us off your call list”. My mother did it for years. I guess some of these calls fell on the phones of government officials, because in 2003 the Do Not Call Registry was created.

The aim of the registry was to give citizens a limited, but universal opt-out. The list does not stop all calls from happening. It will however, act as a first line of defense against unwanted calls. Some organizations like those companies you have already established a relationship with, or non-profits and political campaigns organizations can still call. You will need to ask to be removed from their list exclusively.

If you would like to be placed on the National Do Not Call Registry, you can visit the website linked above and submit a number there. Remember the list is not limited to just landlines. Many deem it unnessary since it is still illegal for telemarketers to call your mobile, but you could register your cell number as well. You must provide an email address with the registration and it must be correct in order for the request to be processed. After the process is completed, you can go and make sure you are registered by again, going to the “Verify A Registration” page.

If you’d rather, you can also register with the list by calling their toll-free number. It is 1-888-382-1222. Either way, the registration is completely free and backed by the Federal Communications Commission. If after 30 days from registering you are still receiving unwanted calls, try a reverse phone number lookup site first to determine who is calling if you'd rather not answer blindly. If you do not know the person's name corresponding to the number, consider lodging a complaint against the number's owners with the FCC.

You can also use Spokeo - reverse phone number lookup. This software can help you to find out who was calling and after the quick research, you may decide to call back or not. Also, with such an app you can find the location, email address, social media profiles and even criminal records of the caller.

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