Monday, June 24, 2019

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Are you more likely to have a car accident if you are a man, or a woman? How about if you’re driving a Mercedes, or cruising round in a vauxhall corsa? After analysing 25,000 incident reports, Car Accident solicitors Your Legal Friend found some interesting results.

The boys have it

Men make up 70% of drivers who cause road accidents, according to this study. The gender of victims in accidents were more evenly split, with 59% of the victims in accidents being men and 41% being female.

3 is the magic number

Exiting your twenties may mean lower car insurance... Read More

Target has finalized a deal to open three smaller stores in New York located in Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. The lease for the Staten Island store is in a single story building encompassing 46,000 feet in Elm Park. Kimco Realty owns the property and the exact location is in Forest Avenue Plaza. Target has signed a deal for a period of fifteen years and the opening is scheduled for 2019. The inside of the store will feature both a Starbucks and a CVS pharmacy. Target became partners with Starbucks twenty years ago and CVS has had the chain's pharmacy business since 2015.

The... Read More

For over a century now the “comfort women stories” have been a straining topic for both South Korea and Japan. Finally in 2015 the controversial topic was settled between the two countries and laid to rest. During a visit to South Korea for the Winter Olympic games this past February Japanese Prime Minister Abe discussed the importance of the agreement between Japan and South Korea with the South Korean President Moon Jae-in and how important it was for the 2015 agreement that closed the issue of comfort women that had long created friction between the two and how it was finally a promise... Read More

In today’s United States, the word treason is bandied about frequently and used against people who have been perceived to do any kind of wrong to their country. ‘Treason’ was shouted when the Hillary Clinton email saga was at its most ferocious. It continues to be levelled at President Trump with connection to his alleged connection to Russia and their interference at the election of 2016.

Photo Credit

Treason is sill a federal crime, but it is an ancient concept that is is not commonly understood by many people. Well, in an attempt to shine a little bit more light... Read More

Believe it or not, Asbestos's first use began as a flame retardant and corrosion resistant substance. Construction workers also added this to cement forms because of how it made the building last longer. What happened that turned this, "miracle mineral" into a substance with a bad rap sheet?

The Beginning

Asbestos first began in the early 1900s, and most industrial revolutionists saw asbestos as a technological wonder. Because of some of its properties, asbestos became a popular choice in shipping, aviation, automobiles and even saw use in military applications. Researchers... Read More

The diplomatic ties that exist between various nations are often hard-won. Governments often have many competing objectives that they must consider including taking actions that ensure and safeguard the country they are responsible for governing and that speak to the needs of their most important stakeholders: the citizens. In addition to ensuring that they pursue political priorities that speak to the many needs and wants that exist within their own countries governments must also consider the needs and wants of countries that they have strategic relationships with.

Some countries... Read More

With increasing interference and strict supervision of government on your incomes, it is becoming difficult to saves few extra bucks.

But there is a sign of relief with the Non-Dom status that will allow you to live safely and legally, abroad without the tax worries.

The Non-Dom residence program is offering entrepreneurs various advantages and flexibility. It will help you to quickly and legally migrate to another country where you can save tax and keep your hard earned money for your benefits.

Thousands of people migrate to different countries every year. Some people... Read More

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