Saturday, December 07, 2019

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Whether you are into a finished product or a raw material for another finished product, if you want to export the item, especially in Russia, you need to learn about the process of customs clearance in Russia. In fact, you have to be well-equipped with the knowledge of all sorts of things that you need to know and will go through when you face customs clearance in Russia.

If you are here to gather some information, we are not going to disappoint you; here are a few things you have got to learn about customs clearance in Russia:

You have to be very careful about the documents... Read More

Alex Azar at a meeting held in the Heritage Foundation on the 27th of July, addressing the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) explained that HHS will entertain quite many undertakings to several updates in health privacy regulations in the coming times, and this also includes updates on the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act HIPAA privacy policy along with the 45 CFR Part 2 regulations.

It is deemed that the process will commence in next few months. Information and HIPAA privacy training will be imparted, thereafter there will be a course of... Read More

The Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that 2.35 million Americans are injured or disabled on the roads each year. Additionally, a further 37,000 lose their lives. Therefore, you’d think that the launch of autonomous vehicles would assure the nation that their roads are safer than ever. After all, more than 90% of road accidents are caused by human error, according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Yet, a new report has revealed that the nation is wary of this new innovative vehicle technology, with most against the use of it.

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Casino Developer Hard Rock Resorts have now been awarded a casino license enabling them to operate in New Jersey. This will see the former hotel and casino resort the Trump Taj Mahal, open as the Hard Rock in Atlantic City; which they have been redeveloping since last year when it was sold by the billionaire tycoon Carl Icahn. Recent meetings saw the New Jersey commission that control the licensing of casinos within the state vote massively in favour of the brand having a license to operate as a casino in the state.

This decision will see the resort become a rock ‘n’ roll casino,... Read More

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The traditional yellow school bus is a staple of American culture. They’ve featured in high-school movies for longer than most of us can remember. And, they’ve been on our roads for even longer. In fact, both the color and design date to a conference way back in 1939. In many ways, these are our equivalent to the UK's red telephone boxes. And, there isn’t a person out there who’d want to get rid of them.But, that doesn’t mean the sunny exterior of our school transport isn’t under some duress. Many parents currently have worries about the safety such vehicles... Read More

Are you more likely to have a car accident if you are a man, or a woman? How about if you’re driving a Mercedes, or cruising round in a vauxhall corsa? After analysing 25,000 incident reports, Car Accident solicitors Your Legal Friend found some interesting results.

The boys have it

Men make up 70% of drivers who cause road accidents, according to this study. The gender of victims in accidents were more evenly split, with 59% of the victims in accidents being men and 41% being female.

3 is the magic number

Exiting your twenties may mean lower car insurance... Read More

In today’s United States, the word treason is bandied about frequently and used against people who have been perceived to do any kind of wrong to their country. ‘Treason’ was shouted when the Hillary Clinton email saga was at its most ferocious. It continues to be levelled at President Trump with connection to his alleged connection to Russia and their interference at the election of 2016.

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Treason is sill a federal crime, but it is an ancient concept that is is not commonly understood by many people. Well, in an attempt to shine a little bit more light... Read More

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