Monday, April 22, 2019
By A. Powell,

Between a comfortable place in the Western alliance, minimal expectations from the United States, and moderate international threats, The Hague should choose the simplest and cheapest options, and let Germany do the rest, placing itself under a self-chosen protectorate.

The Netherlands were part of the founding members of the Atlantic alliance in 1949 and have always found a good deal in it. While, theoretically, the alliance was for countries which had contributed to the war effort alongside America, the Netherlands were enemies of the Reich mostly...
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How the European Union is setting standards to benefit Russian fertilizer producers. Russian fertilizer producers have found a clever way of devastating their global competition, by raising an artificial...

In here we have provided a few tips and tricks that you should follow as closely as possible while moving houses. Do them the right way and you’ll just breeze through the entire process in almost...

After eradicating the Euro 500 note, this new charge towards the utopian dream of a cashless society is not well received across Europe where citizens are fearing for their basic rights and for their...

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Political crisis in Denmark from the Piranha 5 purchase

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Political crisis in Denmark from the Piranha 5 purchase

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Why Does the Reda Report Remain ‘Totally Unacceptable’

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