Sunday, May 26, 2019

The world of coaching, especially minor league coaching and coaching a sport as nationally competitive as hockey, is not an easy one. After all, it seems like the level of competition, not to mention violence, in minor league hockey is only growing.

Last year, Macleans wrote a lengthy feature story on the alarming increase in violence happening in Canadian minor league hockey. As the article pointed out, in a period of six weeks in 2014, there were no less than three cases of physical altercation in minor league hockey in Canada, all these altercations...
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HBO has decided to check out the NHL on it's acclaimed 24/7 sport series. In the past they have covered boxing and NASCAR and also developed the now infamous New York Jets "Hard Knocks" show. The...

The NHL season is well underway and the conference standings are starting to take shape. There are several teams that have taken over the top spots, but several more are close behind and gaining ground.


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Jarret Reid - Being a Power Skating hockey coach

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2010 NHL Season So Far

2010 was a big year in NHL. I loved every minute of it. Seems like today the teams are not as motivated or i don't know. It was slow as hell.

Hockey - 24/7

I think idea is great infissi