Thursday, March 21, 2019

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The Yankees are going to make a fatal mistake for their next game vs the Rangers. The Yankees are going to go ahead and pitch AJ Burnett in game 4. It's a fatal mistake.

Burnett has pitched badly for months. He has been the direct cause of several Yankees losses over the end of the regular season. He has not had a quality start. He is going to open the door for the Rangers to take a commanding lead in this series in the Yankees home stadium. Burnett also takes away Posada as he has to have his "own" catcher. Posada is an offensive leader, a spark, a catalyst. Without him, the... Read More

Both the Phillies and the Giants will take their same pitching rotation order into the NLCS. These rotations worked for both of them in the division series to great success. I think in this series though the outcome could be much different for the Giants.

The Phillies will go with no-hit/perfect game king of the majors Roy Halladay in game 1, and then, Oswalt, Hamels, and Blanton. Halladay will most certainly be Chuck Norris like and the odds are in his favor to have yet another no hit game. The Giants were only able to muster 11 runs in 4 games vs the Braves, who have some fairly... Read More

You know, I have always thought that Ron Washington was a bit....different. He's just not like other managers. He makes decisions that are outside the box, and he has done so yet again for the ALCS.

Instead of going the first game with the ace of his staff Cliff Lee, Washington is going with CJ Wilson. Then, the Rangers will go with Colby Lewis, Cliff Lee, and Tommy Hunter. Very unorthodox to say the least. In another move, the Rangers will carry one less infielder and one more reliever. Washington is thinking outside the box and it just might work out for them.

The Yankees... Read More

I've been a Braves fan all my life. I was a fan in the late 70s when the team couldn't buy a win. I was a fan in the 80s when they started to make improvements. I was a fan in the 90s when they were almost unbeatable. And I'm still a fan today after their elimination in the NLDS by the Giants. I've also been a fan of Bobby Cox during his time with the Braves, most of the time that is.

Bobby Cox "retired" Monday night after the Braves loss to the Giants ranked 4th on the All-Time Wins List. He has had an amazing career with the Braves and an amazing career in baseball. Cox took... Read More

The Tampa Bay Rays looked for all the world like they were done. The Texas Rangers had put a flat beating on them for 2 games. The Rays had one more chance to stay in the playoffs. Another loss and they were finished. So, the Rays returned to the tried and true formula they have used all season - better late than never.

The Rays were down 2-1 in the 7th inning. It looked as if they were done for. They just couldn't get the bats moving. The Rays one saving grace to this point - the Rangers bats weren't moving that well either against Rays pitcher Matt Garza. A lot of people started... Read More

The Braves have the worst error record in the Major Leagues since the all star break. That's just a fact. It has cost them more games than I care to remember. Last night, fielding errors along with a bad base running call by the umpire, cost them game 1 of a playoff series.

The Braves had 2 scored errors in the game and in reality, had 3 counting Infante's error at 3rd that should have been scored an error and wasn't. All of these errors led to base runners. One of those base runners, who we will get to in a moment, scored the ONLY run scored by either team in this game. It was... Read More

Maury Wills was a switch-hitting batter, slick fielding shortstop, base stealing phenomenon who played prominently with the Los Angeles Dodgers(1959–66, 1969–72) and also with the Pittsburgh Pirates (1967–68) and Montreal Expos (1969). He was an essential component of the Dodgers' championship teams in the mid-1960s, and deserves much credit for reviving the stolen base as part of baseball strategy. In a 14-season career, Wills batted .281 with 20 home runs, 458 runs batted in, 2,134 hits, 1,067 runs, 177 doubles, 71 triples, and 586 stolen bases in 1942 games. He is a seven-time all-star and... Read More

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