Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.


There had been no clap of thunder over the Hollywood Hills or other ominous sign to forewarn him of her sudden arrival on his doorstep, spouting little more than a litany of barely coherent gibberish.

“Trade for tit’s milk!Tit’s milk for April.”

“What is she saying, Señor?” his housekeeper asked, cowering just inside the doorway.

“How the bloody hell should I know?”Leo Bauer made no effort to mask his irritation at being called away from his dinner guests to deal... Read More

Moments are precious even if they are buried deep inside long after they happen; they fuel our future life and make a better person out of us. Most people regret the moments they missed just because they hesitated even though it was in their grasp. The one moment that I promised to myself that I won’t miss to regret later was that with my true love, our intimate moments, worrying not about the society and its sarcastic approval ceremony for our life together. Love a memory that lasts forever was always a dramatic fantasy to me, with appropriate words uttered always and perfect scenes in romantic... Read More

PICK A SHARD. riginal.

The paddle gambling steamer gamboled strident. The night air coughed uncomfortably from the fumes of sin. Two urgent wheels thrashed against the irritated calm waters.Miffed at the intrusion upon their solitudic self- imposed rule of river karma, angry thrashed water protested at the gigantic enemy then radiated swiftly away in begrudging defeat. The uncaring wheels bit deep, no choice in the matter. "No matter" mocked the river. So many of these foul water drunken noisy intruders rotted in holey silence in her bosom. Shattered wheels no longer in unison...broken.... Read More

If these walls could talk, I bet they’d have plenty to say – things like “There she is, there’s Annie O’Leary’s killer.” Not because I’d actually killed Mom but it’s because of me she’s dead, which is practically the same thing.

I should’ve just slipped out my bedroom window when I heard him fiddling with the lock but I honestly never thought he’d have the balls to break in. Come to think of it, the half-dozen empty beer cans strewn all over the kitchen table should’ve gotten my Spidey senses tingling but my mind was on a million other things more important than my mother’s horn-dog... Read More

Annie Eastwood strode through the main floor of her restaurant, a look of satisfaction on her pretty face. Every table was occupied, the bar was standing room only and there was a line-up wrapping halfway around the building. A pretty impressive opening, thank God, but then she was going to need plenty more nights like tonight if she was going to see any return on her investment. Although she had inherited The Bean and Pole upon her mother’s death, the building, once a thriving souvenir shop in her father’s day, had been in a state of total disrepair by the time her mother died. Annie had... Read More

He ignored the sausage vendors littering the sidewalk, the sounds of their sizzling meat electrifying the humid night air. He was oblivious to the winos nursing their bottles of elixir, shrouded in dirty paper bags, and cut a wide path around the buskers and scam artists hoping to score a quick buck off of the late-night tourist trade. It was two in the morning but Hollywood Boulevard still throbbed with life. His shoulders were hunched and his hands were thrust into his pockets as he walked, seemingly without direction, yet he was very in tune to his surroundings. He forced himself to remain... Read More

Cool air swept briskly over the plains of the Shire, while the descending moon, [she] appeared to be saying; good night to the sun, who upon rising he replied, good morning. Why do you always have to run?

I remember vividly that all important morning, every moment of it, still playing around in my mind, like an unforgettable tune. The village populous began their early chores relatively slower than usual. The cattle hadn't even awoken, not even a dog barked or made its rounds. It never occurred to me that this late start was entirely unusual for the people of YorkShire. It was this... Read More

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