Monday, June 17, 2019

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Anyone who follows sports has probably heard of Manti Te'o, the linebacker from Notre Dame, and his girlfriend Lennay Kekua. During this past season, Te'o told of the inspiration he received from his girlfriend's fight with leukemia, a fight she ultimately lost. The only problem, it turns out, is that Lennay Kekua never existed.

The story has been all over the news of late, and Te'o claims he has been the victim of a hoax. Whether or not you believe that is up to you, but it does afford us a good opportunity to look at what modern dating has become.

Te'o and Kekua met online,... Read More

THE SECRET WORLD OF BOXING-BASHING- AND SEX BEHIND THE RING. bi best selling author bi- Bwian Thumpinuts.

If you're squeamish don't read on...especially women who have 'knock-down drag-out fights with their lesser halves. My name is Bwian Thumpinuts, ex-herpyweight champion from Adelaide (Australia). I beat Ard Knox from overseas 'Bash Straight' to clinch the duel 'Fairyweight -cum Herpyweight titles', culminating in the overall grand- slam title 'Adelaidian Mardi-Gra free- style- extra bang- for- your- buck- slap-happy- upyawz too- finger gougiing- tongue- biting- i'll kill ya ya piece... Read More


The banker's manicured fingers drummed noiselessly on the edge of the sexual dysfunction counselor's soft- pleated leather couch. Mr Greyson sat bolt upright, felt naked, inadequate, outside the confines of his corporate nest at the bank.

The counselor leaned forward, lightheartedly admonishing his client. "Mr Greyson rest assured from what i've gleaned about your marriage philandering would be a retrogressive step neither of you should entertain if you want to go forward into the rehabilitation of your marital relationship". Greyson allowed a... Read More

Once upon a time... Nah, I thought about how to start this post and as much as I like the concept of a fairy tale, the ending is not happy; so "Once of Upon a Time" just isn't working.

The core of this post is about age. There are benefits in being young, older and mature, but this post is to be about how those benefits are viewed by the attractive girl. When I am finished, you will understand why an older guy can have females flirt with him.

Now where was I, oh yes? Picture a castle.

This is a study of energy. The journey of the male energy is from Page, to Prince, to... Read More

Interacting with a 23 year old bikini model; even if you are introduced to her by friend, is always an interesting game. They live in a different world. For those of us that were absent when God handed out the looks, it is not always easy to understand how the beautiful think.

Rachelle was a girl who captured the heart of most who crossed her path. Yet many people would see little past her perfect body.

She was brought to dinner by a mate. They had been dating. When I say dating; I mean a few parties, a bit of sex and some late night "I'm bored and lonely" calls and texts from... Read More

The question above is one we’ve all asked ourselves while making that occasional, sizzling eye contact. And it’s also the oldest both men and women have contemplated every time their heart skips that irreversible beat. God made us equipped to love another, to share that certain bond we feel with no one else. But is it love we have while stroking the others hand, or simply an infatuation, a physical response that goes no further than living in the moment when it happens?

Let’s start with some definitions:

Love is a strong feeling for another which lasts through time, and... Read More

This is a world-first! I'm going to redefine how you can judge relationships. No longer their star signs, or shared interests and values, or compatible personalities or many other things. No it's all about a brand new term unveiled for you in the brand new 'Life Cycles' theory :-'Confluence'. Now this is not a brand new word and it usually refers to when two bodies of water (often rivers) join together to form one larger and stronger body of water. The new current will increase as the water volume increases. In the same way when 'Confluence' is used in 'Life Cycles' terms, it refers to two... Read More

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