Saturday, February 23, 2019

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CYRIL. riginal.

Hi! My name is Cyril. I am the original experimental mouse having served my country by being the recipient of many many experiments humans were, and still are, afraid of performing on themselves for fear of wiping themselves out and dying unceremoniously so this is where i was seconded-lured if you like-into the lab because i possess a brain which most humans these days tend to leave behind in their pursuit of something-anything- that jerks their fancy. Fancy this jerks. I am now a retired experimental mouse author for up and coming young mice keen to get ahead in this... Read More


My name is...............i reside in Alaska at number 4 Paranoia mountain rocket box 100 metres underground ready.

Let me state right from the start, we, (can't wee yet in the mountain box so if you decide to visit my secluded unknown address cross your legs. The above address is false. Or, bring a suitable container to suit. I haven't had my hole plumbed yet but there's recyclable water on hand butt ). Welcome fellow Doomsday Prepper novices.

For the purpose of my diary in case it falls into the wrong unwashed hands before... Read More

CRAP. riginal.

Dr.Eatnuff here. Author of C.R.A.P. (Curative Realistic Applied Persecution). In a nutshell, you are what you eat. But by reversing the trend of C.R.A.P. eating ie; Persecution Applied to Realistic Curative balanced eating you will be admired, nay, self admiring after reading my book.

Let's start with the Biblical. If God meant you to eat McDonalds he would have instructed Noah to store two of everything produced by Mac's in the boat's pantry. He didn't. Simply because he didn't want to upset the animals by offering for example, two pieces of chicken, two pieces... Read More

There are many ways to make your event lively and a memorable for your corporate guests. If you are planning to make your next event enjoyable and pleasant for the audience, then booking celebrity comedy hosts would probably be the best choice indeed as they are the expert entertainers in engaging the audience with their funny but thoughtful delivery as well as the perfect punch line delivery. There are many speaker bureaus and agencies that can offer exceptionally wide range of entertainers.

The celebrity comedian hosts provided by the professional agencies tend to be famous celebrities... Read More

Not everyone is born with the skills to make other people laugh and happy. It is not just a saying indeed, it expresses the entire appearance of a stand-up comedian. Comedian is a person who prime objective is to entertain the audience with their jokes and to make them laugh louder. So, if you want to add charm and give a smile on the faces of the guests then booking a celebrity comedian hosts would not be a bad idea at all. They have the potential to give a fresh feel to the events. Celebrity comedy hosts are born with the skills to make your boring event lively and they will not only entertain... Read More


No such thing? Probably not, because as a friend of mind said, and rightly so, there are indeed so many connotations of perfect.

Perfect meaning faultless. Would it be near enough then to say perfectly fine will do less a few of the finer points?

I talked over this subject with a Prof.Sobeit head of human relationships at Harvard; if you're lucky enough to get a word in with female's. Creator of 'a woman's knitting guide to knitting up a decent man.' The Prof. so be it, wrote his second book,complete with one pair of knitting needles... Read More


Hi, me name's Jim Bowie. Knife to meet you. I recently retired as a bantam weight boxer. The bantam couldn't stand the wait til the fight was over so it flew away. Bantam is a small chook. Fowl play.

I decided to give up boxing and knife throwing because it is dangerous. Besides, i only took a stab at boxing because blow me down (last fight a blow downed me!) i decided to throw my literary glove in and ring an online course regarding punctuation.

As Dirty Harry once said, "are you feeling English pronunciation punk...well are you?"

I... Read More

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