Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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We often talk about the difficulties of business. We talk about profit margins, bottom lines, employee troubles, competitors, getting investments, etc. These are all definitely significant difficulties for any business endeavor. But before any of that occurs, you’ve got a difficulty to deal with that people don’t seem to talk about that often. I’m talking about choosing a name for your company.

Sometimes, people have a great name for their company before they even fully know what it is their company is going to do. But for most business owners, trying to choose a name... Read More

One of the aspects of the everyday goings-on in the office that tend to get overlooked is the large number of meetings that can happen in one day. Though they are absolutely essential in some cases, your employees might actually be wasting a lot of time running to and from meeting venues if they are not sure of the end goal they themselves want to achieve.

The Current Numbers: How Many Hours a Day Go to Conferences?

According to statistics from Atlassian, the average employee ends up having to attend at least 62 meetings each month. That adds up to a whopping 744 meetings each... Read More

If you have a business in manufacturing and production, you will need a quality production plan. Having a sound production plan can help things move forward in many ways. First of all, it will help in terms of labor costs. It will mean that employees time is used more efficiently, and you will all be working more effectively. Second, of all, it can save you money with inventory costs too. If your process is working well, then you don’t have the need think about the stock being wasted or reduced. There will be less need for trials and practices if things are working soundly. Equipment will be... Read More

Share dealing is the pastime of choice for those who dream of a millionaire’s retirement. Most of those who give it a go are aiming to discover the next embryonic Apple, in the hopes that they can cash in on its exponential rise to brilliance and buy themselves the future that they’ve always yearned for.

The likelihood of this actually happening is lower than you’d like to think, and the truth is that it takes a lot of hard work to turn a profit. Making an Investment in shares is not a simple game of luck; rather, it is one where you must tirelessly endeavour to stack the odds in your... Read More

When your business starts to perform well on a smaller market, you might start to think about expansion and growth. Truth be told, you should always be considering the growth of your company. Businesses that stay stagnant tend to be forgotten and get lost in the shuffle. Particularly, when new companies come along that are growing at a rapid rate. Due to business growth they can offer a better service to consumers and they may even steal some of your customers. As you can see then, business growth is important. So, how do you achieve it? More importantly, how do you grow your business without... Read More

If your business is more than a few decades old, it’s likely your logo could use an update. Perhaps it came from a time when that sort of thing wasn’t as much of a game changer as it is today. It stuck around, served a purpose and was passed down to you. But, is it still working for you and serving its intended purpose – generating recognition? Does it still represent your organization’s identity in a modern era?

If you’ve made promo material, a custom logo power bank, for example, and are on the fence about its effectiveness for your next trade show, follow these rules to build and... Read More

When it comes to running an online store, one can control practically any aspect from adding a new product to order processing. However, there is one thing that is (almost) out of control. It is eCommerce shipping.

The point is that, you, as an online merchant, provide only the initial part of this service, all the rest depends mostly on your shipping provider. If you bet on the wrong shipping company, that can cause delays and poor order management, thus spoiling customers’ experience in many other ways.

However, there are some things you can do on your end to minimize the... Read More

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