Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Of all your business KPIs, customer service can be one of the toughest to track. It’s the sticky mixture of qualitative and quantitative data that can be challenging. And, given that the vast majority of customer service positions are taken up by junior members of staff, it can often lead to problems. However, there are several warning signs that your customer service is failing. And unless you stop the rot, your business could go downhill - fast. Watch out for the following signs and make sure you take action to avoid potential trouble.

The wrong ratios

One... Read More

The construction business is notoriously unpredictable. Big names in construction, like Skanska, plan years in advance for all the various risks they face. Just like the big guys, you need to be ready for whatever the construction industry throws at you. And that means that your business needs to be built on a firm foundation. To really succeed in 2016, contractors must take control of their businesses and address critical issues. Here is some advice on how to better manage your company.

Hire Good Salespeople

Contractors in the construction sector need great... Read More

Retail is a business that’s a lot harder than it seemed. A lot of people think that the majority of the hassle might come from marketing and managing customer relations. However, if you have a bit of sense and a prime location, that can be a breeze. Rather, there are some things that can eat the business from the inside out if you’re not careful with them. So here we’re going to nail three of the most important concerns of a retail business owner. Get on top of these or watch them take out your business from underneath.

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Your money

The finances of any business... Read More

It is hard to name a job that requires a bigger or more changed skill-set than project management. Today's project managers are relied upon to have particular industry information, solid relational abilities, and first rate quantitative capacities, just to give some examples. With such a sweeping rundown of vital aptitudes, it's no big surprise that qualified undertaking chiefs are in such appeal far and wide.

In spite of the fact that the rundown of helpful task administration aptitudes is about perpetual, certain abilities are for the most part thought to be more imperative than... Read More

There are many businesses out there that require a warehouse. The most obvious of which are retail companies. Companies that have lots of goods to ship to customers all over the country. They’ll need a warehouse to store all their stock and get it ready for dispatching.

If your business does have a warehouse, there are some things you need. Below, are a list of warehouse essentials:

Storage Racks

You must have somewhere to store all of your stock and items. Think of your warehouse as an enlarged version of your home. When you have to store things at home, you stick them on shelves.... Read More


We often talk about the difficulties of business. We talk about profit margins, bottom lines, employee troubles, competitors, getting investments, etc. These are all definitely significant difficulties for any business endeavor. But before any of that occurs, you’ve got a difficulty to deal with that people don’t seem to talk about that often. I’m talking about choosing a name for your company.

Sometimes, people have a great name for their company before they even fully know what it is their company is going to do. But for most business owners, trying to choose a name... Read More

One of the aspects of the everyday goings-on in the office that tend to get overlooked is the large number of meetings that can happen in one day. Though they are absolutely essential in some cases, your employees might actually be wasting a lot of time running to and from meeting venues if they are not sure of the end goal they themselves want to achieve.

The Current Numbers: How Many Hours a Day Go to Conferences?

According to statistics from Atlassian, the average employee ends up having to attend at least 62 meetings each month. That adds up to a whopping 744 meetings each... Read More

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