Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Personalized marketing has lead to conversions growth in 93% companies surveyed;

The same has turned out for almost 95% of the websites;

Significant difference was mentioned by 90% companies respondents after personalization of their emails.

But, we should be honest and confess that there were those who felt no changes, or they were so small that could be hardly mentioned.

Why it is so?

The point here is not in doing the conversion, but doing it correctly. Personalization is a difficult science and almost 40% confessed it was a challenge... Read More

Whatever it is you're selling, you need to be aggressive and visible on the market. In most cases, quality is not a guarantee you'll make it out there. Luckily, you can maximize your sales with clever use of visual merchandising. Here's how:

1. Start with a plan

Every visual merchandising strategy should start with a clear plan. You need to decide where it's strategically best to place your products. In case you have a wide offer of products (as most businesses do), it would be easier to do it with a planogram. The traditional approach would be to sketch the plan on a piece... Read More

There are so many things that someone can do by themselves but, at times, you will need to hire a professional to assist in some personal duties. Taxes are not easy to file, especially to those who might be doing it for their first time. Tax professionals would know if there are any changes that might occur in the filing process. You might miss on these changes because you might be focused on other roles of your business. Here are a few good reasons why it is recommended for you to get a tax professional during tax season.

1. Saves You Time And Money

A tax professional can... Read More

Many of us are tired of bosses constantly hanging over our heads and putting a lot of pressure on us. It’s no wonder then that working from home is no longer uncommon. Being your own boss comes with many benefits, including a flexible schedule, not spending money on gas or public transport and the freedom to run your business how you want.

However, when you decide to start this endeavor, you need to find the right space for it. If you own a house, this is great news as then you can make the most of a room or area you have no current use for. Think about your basement or attic or even... Read More

When we are discussing working at heights, what we are talking about is people who are assigned to a task that involves pretty much any occurrence in which a fall could result in injury or worse. This covers everything, including working on a ladder, roof, unstable surface, or even merely a location that has a hole or an opening that could be hazardous if proper persuasions aren’t taken.

The basic idea for every manager of such a project is to make sure that the fall never happens, because the last thing that you want is for an employee to sustain an injury, or, in the worst case... Read More

Email automation is designed for sending emails at the right time to the potential consumers so that they can take positive actions, resulting in business profits for that company. Due to the growth in e-commerce, now this automation feature is widely preferred for marketing purpose of all kinds of products.

Email automation aims in making marketing by sending smart emails, which are more personalized for every recipient and also contain relevant information about the products that will stir the interests of customers. Email marketing comprises of sending personalized newsletters,... Read More

A/B Testing is a must if you want to continue making changes in the structure of your website or any other marketing collateral to make the whole marketing strategy more effective and agile. But you have to specific about your goals before you can even start making changes in the marketing collaterals otherwise you are just beating around the bushes.

Do you know what mostly drives audiences into conversion?

It’s human behavior.


But, think a bit. When you feel enthusiastic or curious, you think about trying out some product or service, right?... Read More

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