Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Whenever you are planning to sell land or property, getting the best price for it is one of the main goals you want to achieve. Selling your property at an auction is one of the best ways to ensure you get a great deal.

The competition at an auction can be great for the sellers and choosing the right auctioneer is a great way to ensure that the right people in the right places will notice your property. We have listed a few tips on how you can choose the best auctioneer.

Explore Locally

The best auctioneers work with experts in the property industry who are knowledgeable... Read More

The increasing numbers of privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) have raised the bar for organizations that collect, process, and store user’s personal information. With the new wider classifications of personal information and the increased penalties for non-compliance or a breach, implementing good data security is a priority.

Accomplishing this requires an understanding of the cybersecurity industry. Knowledge of the basic terminology used by practitioners when describing potential attack vectors and of the resources available to tell non-practitioners which tools that they need... Read More

Introduced back in 1980 by Bill Smith while he was working at Motorola, Six Sigma is considered to be a set of techniques and tools designed for process improvement. The concept gained traction and was adopted at General Electric by Jack Welch in 1995. Since the 1990s, many organizations began offering Six Sigma certifications - certification programs being designed to verify one’s command of the methods and detailed. Two thirds of the organizations that were part of Fortune 500 in the late 1990s adopted Six Sigma initiatives in order to improve quality and reduce costs. In 2005, Motorola... Read More

Luckily the days when in order to find a perfect venue for an event you had to go around whole city and check out all the spots are foregone and now you can do it simply by doing a sound research on Google maps. However, it is still very easy to get fooled, choose inappropriate or overrated place and grin and bear it to make an event work when serving shrimp cocktails in old dilapidated warehouse. So what factors should be considered when choosing a venue?

3 factors to consider when choosing a venue for an event

Location is the key

Nobody likes to waste... Read More

If you’ve found yourself in a financial bind, a loan is sometimes the best solution for solving unforeseen expenses. Unfortunately, falling into the hands of the wrong loan provider can have drastic consequences for borrowers. Lesser companies may take advantage of clients by hiking up interest rates or intentionally misleading customers about fees and overall cost.

For those seeking an ethical, trustworthy lender, LoanMart is an ideal match. If you’ve been hit with unexpected medical bills or other unforeseen expenses, here are the advantages of selecting a trustworthy, quality loan... Read More

In 2018 Google had to deal with a lot of EU-fines, starting with a historical one of 2,42 billion in June for knowingly pushing its own shopping services unjust to smaller Comparison Shopping Services (CSS). They received another one for promoting their search engine predominantly for Android mobile devices (4,34 billion) and might receive a third one for, among other things, restricting search advertisements from Google’s competitors. Google’s response to some of these fines had mayor consequences for the Google advertising domain, fundamentally reshaping it.

What happened?

... Read More

You might not be looking to overhaul your IT system and be fairly happy with the way you manage and access your network but there are times when a little investment in upgrading your current IT can go a long way. We’re not talking about replacing the whole system, just installing a few little touches that will make everyone’s working life that little bit easier.

In this short blog we take a look at some of the smart innovations that are helping office life to become more efficient and help teams across the country to work smarter and more productively.


We’re not... Read More

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