Sunday, September 15, 2019

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Are your kids obsessed with Disney’s Frozen? No wonder. The 3D computer-animated movie inspired by Scandinavian nature and culture took the world by storm in 2013, and won two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”). It ranks as the highest-grossing animated feature of all time.

Arrange a Frozen themed party, and we guarantee you’ll be named parent of the year. Here’s a few tips to make the party a success.


When it comes to the budget, you can go big or you can go small. The party will be a success either way. As long as you are... Read More

California residents face unique challenges when buying a home. A chronic housing shortage in the state means that those looking to make a move often face competition for available listings. Competition can result in higher house prices if potential buyers make offers over the asking price, and California is already the state with the highest real estate prices in the United States.

These factors are key reasons why those who are planning to move within the state may need to sell their current residence as quickly as possible. Making an offer conditional on the sale of their own home... Read More

As more people are starting to become conscious about the importance of conserving the environment, it has necessitated the creation of companies that aim to provide green services. This has given rise to Green startups that are creating alternative, sustainable options to meet the rising needs. The following 7 green startups have taken center-stage in this exciting frontier:


MowGreen is a lawn care startup that aimed to minimize the gas emissions produced by gas-powered mowers. According to EPA, more than 5 tons of air pollutants are emitted by the gas-powered lawn mowers.... Read More

It seems like every year more technologies from old sci-fi movies are coming to the real world. Self-driving cars, AI assistants, communicator watches, hoverbikes, and other contraptions actually exist today thanks to creative innovators and the ongoing digital revolution. Each year the tech trend hype kicks up a notch while everyone tries to follow along with the latest gadgets.

The outburst of technology has completely changed the global market, how companies operate, and competition within industries. It's sink or swim for business leaders—without a digital strategy in place soon,... Read More

We’ve all seen the videos, watched her folding technique and fell in love with the idea to throw away anything that does not “spark joy”. Theoretically Marie Kondo’s advice makes sense: we should surround ourselves with items that we use and cause satisfaction. In real life things are less black and white!

I have lived in New York City for the past 7 years. I have co-habited with roommates, in a studio all by myself and currently in a two-bedroom apartment with my husband and 2yr old. So it is from experience and personal know-how that I have optimized my organizational... Read More

Starting a business is exciting. The idea of being a boss is challenging, and you cannot wait to see your business grow. However, getting started is easier said than done. There is usually a lot to do, buy inventory, get funds to start your business, maybe learn a few things about your niche, finding employees, and so on. The most important and challenging of them is creating brand awareness and finding customers. The goal is always profit maximization. Note that it may not be possible if you do not have clientele. That is why you need the following tools.

1. Newspapers

Newspapers... Read More

As a co-founder of a Fintech firm, one of the challenges that I faced during the initial years of the business, was managing its cash flow – the key to a business’s survival. It is critical to maintain a level of working capital to take care of financial crunches and daily business operations. If your business does not have enough cash flow, then it may prevent you from buying materials, paying suppliers, and your employees.

Specifically, a delay between the time you receive money from customers and time you have to pay suppliers, can cause cash flow problems. Many new and growing... Read More

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