Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Purveyors of hot food in a local market, restaurant or cafeteria are no doubt aware of the draw customers feel when pausing at the hot case displaying delicious offerings such as barbecue pork, sirloin tips in gravy, fried or rotisserie chicken and other hot and ready-to-eat dishes. In a best-case scenario, delicious aromas emanate from the food, tempting the senses and prompting a purchase. Why is a hot food display an important part of food marketing and what features need to be considered?

Accurate Temperature Range

Hot food cases are called that for a reason – they keep food... Read More


In today’s highly volatile business environments, it is essential for organizations to adapt to market changes quickly. Organizations need to assess multiple factors before they can take the right action that will steer them in the right direction. Of course, all these changes need to be done while ensuring that the organization continues to grow and that losses are curbed. Business analysts (BAs) are indispensable in today’s world because they manage this very process.

CBAP which stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional is a Business Analyst certification... Read More

But, the problem is merely implementing the top-notch, latest tools won’t help you because most of them provide general solutions only. You need to find out personalized solutions to find out the actual causes of high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

Website speed is undoubtedly a crucial factor but making your prospects to click the checkout buttons needs further efforts. It’s practically impossible to ask every single visitor about their experiences on your site or app.

So, what is the solution?

Session replays

These real-time recordings will display... Read More

If your contacts are just aimlessly moving around your marketing database, then you have to think about it. The remedy is that you must create an email automation funnel. As a result, you could grab some great opportunities in terms of engaging and nurturing your existing customers.

What are the requirements of an Email Automation Funnel?

An interesting fact is that companies that make use of marketing automation for nurturing their leads get a 451% enhancement in qualified leads.

However, email automation is not only used for the purpose of lead nurturing but it’s... Read More

Magento Commerce Cloud, a.k.a. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, first arrived in the market about three years ago. It marked the launch of the company's third platform option. An automated and managed hosting platform for Magento, it was specially developed to cater to the requirements of cloud-based infrastructure. It brings together Magento Commerce's potentiality with cloud infrastructure hosting while delivering multiple B2B features. It is with features that are aimed at encouraging B2B market abilities. These abilities, in turn, help cut down the high implementation costs typically... Read More

A/B testing is also known as bucket testing or split testing. In this method, two webpage variations are compared with each other in order to understand which variant will give a better performance. In this method, users are shown more than one variant at a random scale and the performance is determined through statistical analysis. A test like this in which a direct comparison is made lets you focus on the changes that need to be made. This method also removes any kind of guesswork away from website optimization. There is a relatively less requirement of traffic required for the purpose of... Read More

Due to the advancements of tools and technology, the concept of marketing has been literally transformed. Basic ads, printing banners, and advanced techniques have influenced today’s contemporary world.

What is the main goal of your business? You need to draw the attention of more and more customers for improving your sales margin. However, nowadays, advertisers mostly rely on personalization strategies as well as data analytics.

A point to remember here is that marketing techniques to retain existing customers is more affordable than searching for new ones.

If you... Read More

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