Thursday, November 14, 2019

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In 2015, bicycle injures increased over 12 percent to reach one of their highest levels in history.

The issue is especially acute in parts of California and other areas where cycling is not as common, especially among commuters and everyday travelers. Among driving habits, distracted driving may be the leading culprit, according to Kate Kraft, America Walk's executive director. Infrastructure may be to blame as well, as the Government Accountability Office points out that many roads, with their wide lanes and curve-less design, were designed to move vehicle traffic quickly and not to... Read More

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Have you ever thought about turning your favorite sporting activity into a money making machine? You can, and a lot of people make a fortune, simply by participating in their favorite hobby on a daily basis. There are many advantages to this particular life choice. First, you can forget about a full-time job. If you get this right, there will be no need to work another day in your boring office. So, let’s look at some of the ideas and tips that you need to be aware of.

Do It Loud, Do It Proud

If you want to make money from your favourite sporting activity,... Read More

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Business owners have a lot of things to worry about from the responsibility of their employees to making a profit each month. But would you believe that one of their main concerns is almost always efficiency? As it turns out, this is true. Most business owners want a blended model of business that includes a fast delivery, a quality product and great savings. We suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised by this. After all if a business is efficient, it’s ticking all the right boxes. It’s cheap to run and it will be providing a great service to customers. It’s worth considering... Read More

Cloud presentation tools are convenient platforms to develop and share slideshow presentations. But these tools themselves are not enough to make a compelling presentation. Here are a handful of tips to take your cloud presentation to the next level by engaging audiences.

1. Understand the Benefits of Your Presentation for Your Audience

It’s important to realize that presentations are a huge time sink, unless relevant and valuable to your audience. Be sure to assess the benefits of your presentation and make it clear to your audience. After all, you don’t want people leaving your... Read More

Management roles are tough work in any business. But as a school headteacher, you are faced with arguably more challenges than anyone. Unlike the vast majority of operations, yours isn’t focused on money. Of course, financial elements are crucial. Nevertheless, the development of young minds is paramount.

Let’s face it; the only way to provide quality teaching is to gain the support of a winning team. If there’s only one area of your job that requires an upgrade, staff management has to be the right solution. After all, a winning team will make your life easier as well as improve the... Read More

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A lot of business owners focus on ways to receive payments. Having as many ways as possible for customers and clients to pay is important. Offering more payment methods can often lead to more profits and allows you to cater to all your clients. But don’t forget that you also need to consider how to make payments.

There are many situations where you need to send out payments. Paying for your building upkeep and utility costs is an obvious one. You’ll also need to be able to give quick and efficient refunds when the situation calls for it. You may also have external... Read More

The sad fact of business is that most startups will fail after two years of opening up their doors. There are a lot of different factors that can cause a business to fail. Inefficiency, poor planning and the ability to deal with growth are some of them. Others, however, fail because of their inability to spot those glaring threats facing their business. Legal threats, financial threats and the threats of crime. Those forces, external and internal, that you need to protect yourself from. Here, we’ll look at some of the deadliest of threats and what to do about them.

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The... Read More

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