Monday, January 20, 2020

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There’s so much to say about the emotional toll of addiction. It alienates you from friends and family members. It can make it hard to hold down a job. It can muddle your thinking and make you take risks you never would consider if you were sober.

All those risks are well worth talking about, but there’s also another side to drug and alcohol addiction. It can easily drain your bank account as well as your spirit.

Whatever you’re addicted to, it’s probably not cheap. Alcohol is always going to set you back a bit, even if you’re just bringing a twelve-pack of beer to a football... Read More

In business, few things can be as frustrating as IT. Even tech companies can struggle with IT issues! With so much reliant on your computer systems, a lot can go wrong when your company has an IT crisis. The computer systems that your company relies on need to be reliable, secure, easy to use, and effective for your purposes. So you’ll need a great IT team in your corner. There’s just one problem: IT isn’t what you do!

That’s why you should outsource your IT needs to the pros. Outsourcing IT frees your company to focus on what it does best, and makes financial sense for small companies... Read More

A CMMS, otherwise known as Computerized Maintenance Management System, pertains to a software program. This program automates the maintenance processes of the company. It lets you reduce lots of inefficiencies plaguing the processes.

In other words, it has now become important in improving and automating the core operations and business processes. Learn how it will help your company grow through these following ways:

Enhanced Resource Management

It has been documented that outsourcing maintenance could make it difficult for companies to handle their resources appropriately.... Read More

Risk plays an important part in everyday life. In financial terms, it defines the potential loss of capital. It has also been defined as volatility or divergence from a certain benchmark/index. But what exactly is risk?


Risk is commonly equated to volatility. Volatility is a measure of how an investment varies from its average over time. When we look at risk as volatility we undervalue the relationship between an investment’s price and its intrinsic value. It also ignores the risk associated with company operations and financial structure. The problem with this view... Read More

Figuring out the ideal niche for your business and building a strategy uniquely suited to the audience of that niche may be the single most important aspects of success in business, according to entrepreneur and successful internet marketer Alex Jeffreys.

"If you speak to everybody, then you speak to nobody," Jeffreys explained.

When you understand who the customers are for your niche, you then understand the unique challenges, objectives, and aspirations of those customers and clients. From there, you can put together a strategy or product to guide those specific customers... Read More

The finance industry will save a lot if it embraces the use of artificial intelligence and Chabot’s. This technology is smarter and offers ostensibly human-like assistance to customers. The machines can carry our operations and solve problems without necessarily interacting with another person. They get the customer’s financial questions answered quickly and adequately. AI provides success to many operations in the business because it enhances customer services as well as improving the competitive industry space and its general operation. Chatbots come in different shapes and forms and can... Read More

The key to driving more sales is to position your brand where your prospects are. Search is an excellent starting point as today’s consumers increasingly go online for product research. Google is the most popular search engine which takes a huge slice of the global market share.

Ranking for relevant terms increases visibility for your products or services. That kind of visibility means more opportunities for prospects to connect with your brand and more opportunities to close sales. But standing out in a competitive digital landscape is a real challenge that many businesses face. Simply... Read More

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