Sunday, September 15, 2019

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If you ask the average wall street banker whether cryptocurrency is sustainable, the answer would not be black and white.

Crypto is a form of currency that scares most traditional banks. But those who know the impact a younger generation can have on global wealth understand that Crypto may very well be the future of currency. Cryptocurrency’s future in the UAE, for example, is looking brighter every year.

FAB Bank Adopted Ripple Protocol

In 2017 the UAE rose in the cryptocurrency debate atop the levitating saucer that is Ripple. More specifically, Abu Dhabi’s FAB... Read More

Imagine you are a solo backpacker in Europe. You find yourself in the middle of nowhere in Paris, without a map, and very little knowledge of the local language. All you have to guide you along the way are a few fleeting glimpses of the Eiffel Tower as seen from the cobbled alleyways you are lost in.

If I were you, I would explore the alleyways as much as I could to get a better view of the Eiffel Tower, all the while using it to determine the part of the city I might be stuck in.

Viewing the same object (or problem or topic) from various angles is exactly what an exploratory... Read More

A high-quality water softening system samples your water source and determines which minerals need to be removed to give you softer water. High mineral levels are considered "hardness" in the water. Hard water leaves stains on clothes while being washed. It also has a foul odor, tastes terrible and leaves stains on your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Water softeners are designed to reduce the level of hardness in the water. The minerals which usually make up the "hard" water are manganese, calcium and magnesium. There are different processes you can use to remove the "hardness" from... Read More

Whipping out a Smartphone and opening an app at almost everything we do these days, we have come a long way indeed. Those seemingly endless hours of waiting in front of a desktop monitor, waiting for a page to load, and the relief at having successfully sent an email are things of the past. Although we are speaking of a time barely two decades back, the ongoing tech revolution makes those memories seem even older.

A lot has changed in the field of web development since then. We have chatbots answering queries in fractions of a minute and search engines turning up billions of web... Read More

United Markets Capital

United Markets Capital or UM Capital was created in 2016 as a FinTech business. The focus of the company was placed on offering their clientele a platform providing investments and trading conditions both obtainable and competitive. In pursuit of their goal, UM Capital emphasizes on human interaction, a personalized approach and the appreciation every client deserves. The company has never wavered from their original goals. This is apparent through more than one positive UM Capital review. These reviews have centered on numerous segments of the company's operations.... Read More

Virtual phone systems are the greatest invention of the 21st century. They have modernized telecommunications worldwide and are now used to bring efficiency in a variety of industrial sectors. Medicine, education, retail, construction, and e-commerce are some important industries that have transitioned to virtual phone solutions. Global VoIP industry growth will grow at 9.1% CAGR between 2016 -2021.

Communication is the golden key to corporate success. The best companies make sure to have streamlined and affordable communication policies. Transparent and two-way communication is a... Read More

For those five days of the week (even more for some), that work station of your in the office is a little home you live in. It may be a small space but no one can deny the fact that it is highly productive in bringing out the best in your work. You plan, act, organise. gain success and even dream to achieve your vision in life at that workstation. Spending almost the entire day over there demands it to exude your essence tool. Here are a few tips to decorate it in classy yet stylish way and lend an interesting touch to your daily work.

1. Shelf For Decor

First things first,... Read More

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