Sunday, September 15, 2019

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“There’s an app for that” - This phrase has become our new reality today. There’s a phone or mobile application available for anything and everything, often for free. If you’re using apps to shop, share photos and connect with friends, why not also use one to monitor your credit score?

Not only can you use apps to check credit scores, but also make changes that will improve your credit report and score.

Here are 7 must-have free apps for credit score checking and management:

1. Credit Karma - This app monitors credit reports from two reporting bureaus (TransUnion... Read More

In this day and age, it is understood that technology means everything because a lot of things are entirely dependent upon technology. Most of the industries in the world are now entirely dependent upon technology and technological advancements in order to grow and develop more. Even an increase in revenues will be dependent on technology and tech developments. One of the most pertinent reasons as to why so many industries are heavily reliant on technology is because it will help in keeping the competition in the markets high and would allow them to offer high en customer care services.

... Read More

Almost all people who are knowledgeable about cars will readily concur with the fact that in certain circumstances, buying a pre-owned car is often a better alternative to buying brand new. The proverb one man's trash is another man's treasure can’t be truer than in case of used cars on sale at online auto auction platforms. The biggest pull about used cars is their price. However, when you are on the market looking for used cars, you need to know whether you are getting a good deal or not. To make sure you don’t take home a lemon, take the following steps before you close deals on old junked... Read More

You could be a freelancer or a seasoned business manager trying to expand in another location – however you classify yourself, there is tremendous opportunity to be taken advantage of when it comes to shared office spaces. Not only does it reduce your cost and risk, there are many benefits to be had.

But why choose an alternative working space at all? What exactly are the many advantages? Here are the top benefits of alternative working spaces such as shared offices you should know.

Keeping costs down

Renting an office space can be quite expensive – even a temporary... Read More

Management requires a lot of thinking on your feet. Multiple things can go wrong on any given day and the responsibility of putting out all those fires falls to you. Delayed payments, mismatch between purchase orders and products supplied, leave requisitions overdue for approval–the list is endless.

While all organizations must be able to manage some amount of uncertainty, the folly lies in treating them like a whack-a-mole contest. Plenty of errors and roadblocks can be avoided and the inevitable can be handled with minimal disruption with the help of structured systems. This capability... Read More

An IPO, short for Initial Public Offering, refers to the first sale of shares of a private company to the public. Offering shares to the public helps a company in raising capital, and is a great way of acquiring funds and investors. Post the initial sale of shares, the company is no longer privately held and transitions to a public company. This route of going public from private is a great mode of investment as it has the potential of growing manifold in a short span of time. You can look for current and upcoming IPOs and invest in them for great profits. How? Just keep on reading.

... Read More

As per a leading provider of bookkeeping and accounting services, bookkeeping is defined as a process where the financial transactions are recorded. It may include anything, from the salary of the employees to every type of money coming in and going out of business.

On the other hand, accounting refers to the complete financial process where the financial data is classified, analyzed, interpreted, and reported to the business owners.

These two terms might appear to be the same, but they have a very different meaning to them. Business owners are always trying to maximize... Read More

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