Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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The cybercrime industry cost the world three trillion dollars in 2015 and is projected to increase to six trillion by 2021. All costs are included here - for example, in an attack that uses ransomware like GandCrab v5.1, we consider not only the amount of the ransom paid but also the costs of reduced equipment productivity, the subsequent increase in security measures, reputation damages, etc.

Cybercrime-as-a-service is not something fundamentally new. Malware developers offer their products or infrastructure on the black market. But what exactly do they sell and how much does it... Read More

Notebooks are a convenience that have retained their relevance in the time of smartphones; they don’t need batteries, their files can never be corrupted and even if you found a way to drop it down multiple stories and break it in half, you can still retrieve your notes. In a time in which people are increasingly keen to maintain some independence and distance from their phone, a notebook can make an incredibly reliable companion. Here are 5 reasons why always having one around is a great idea.

Freedom of Expression

We begin with the simplest point. If you’ve become accustomed... Read More

Just like every profession, the legal profession has often times been devalued by various stereotypes and misconceptions. And thanks to TV shows, the society has developed a warped perception of the law profession based on what the entertainment world feeds them, and the fictional characters have ended up being the norm the society believes. These misconceptions about the legal profession are leading many people to make wrong judgments of lawyers and even resulted in them having a hostile attitude towards lawyers and choose not to talk to one even when it is obvious that it is beneficial for... Read More

In the wake of being in a car accident, you may say that you can deal with everything yourself. You may feel determined to manage the insurance agencies and pursue their cases procedure. You may even feel prepared to go facing the other driver's or his or her insurance's attorneys. Notwithstanding, insurance agencies frequently have a group of legal advisors who will endeavor to pay you nothing or as meager as could be allowed.

You don't need to manage the outcomes of a crash alone. Brilliant car wreck lawyers at Hutchison & Stoy can do most of the legwork for you, empowering... Read More

Well, for being the best business person, all you need to have is the best reviews of the products from the users. Because if you are not having good reviews of the products then the only reason may be that your product is not impressive enough. Well, guys when a person is doing online shopping then he/she will only believe the reviews of that particular product and then only decide whether to buy it or not, Because they can't check its quality by touching it. And if your product supports the good reviews then obviously the users are satisfied with it.

Customer’s good review... Read More


Forex trading, popularly known as FX, is not a new phenomenon. But the advent of online forex trading has made it much easier than it was before.

Over the past few years, there have been numerous discussions on social media around the subject of forex trading. Lots of people have narrated stories on how they went from rags to riches in no time and they attribute this to forex trading. While these stories are captivating and often inspiring, one should not just jump blindly into it.

So is forex trading a legitimately rewarding investment venture or is... Read More

Retail kiosk helps any retail business or any startup to grow at a faster rate. Retail Kiosk helps any startup who is looking for the growth. The retail kiosk does not only help a business to attract more customers towards it but as well as enhances the benefits of a business.

Here is a list of 5 benefits of using retail kiosk application

The retail kiosk does not provide a single benefit to any business, it offers multiple benefits to a business. Kiosk helps a business to attract more customers towards it with the help of the catchy messages thus enhances the revenue and... Read More

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