Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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It's a great day when your business lands a new customer, and it's an even greater day when they stick around for more of what you have to offer. As a business owner, it's your job then to boomerang your customers, or as our headline suggests, find ways to retain them, so they return to you again, and again, and wait for it… again!

Businesses can thrive from repeat customers, and looking for ways to keep them on your side is often cheaper than expensive marketing strategies to find new customers. It's not easy; there is always the pesky competition to worry... Read More

About the first advice anyone with a new business gets is that they must have a website. Depending on your budget, you can pay to have one designed or take on the task of doing it yourself. However, the real dilemma is just beginning.

Unlike a brick and mortar business where you expect some traffic directly from people walking or driving past, you must find a way to get your website noticed on that digital sidewalk.

So, how do you do that? Here are 8 ways to increase your website traffic.

Take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO)

Make sure your... Read More

With so many e-commerce businesses emerging every single day, it’s important to think about what can be done to stay ahead of the curve.

In essence, you need to be thinking about what can be done to counter the key issues of online shopping, and while online shopping has come a long way, there’s still ways in which the high street wins.

From problems visualising items in situ, to the fitting and choosing of clothes and shoes, people are still very likely to go to an actual physical shop when it comes to making important purchases, or items they might want to try out before... Read More

Just about everybody is already hooked on to technology, from businesses to homes, everyone is looking to automate processes so they can make work and life easier. In fact, technology is slowly banishing the traditional way of doing things and rapidly taking over. In order for businesses to realize the maximum profit, it is important that transformation strategies be put in place to take advantage of technology.

Fortunately, technology is doing great in just about any sector you can think about – at least for the purposes of easing growth. The banking sector is regarded as one to... Read More

For millions of people, bad credit is a way of life. It’s the only thing they’ve ever known and there’s very little hope that the situation will improve. But don’t let your future be defined by poor credit. There is a way out – will you seek to escape?

The Effects of Bad Credit

Perhaps you have bad credit, but aren’t really worried about it. Well, you probably should be. Bad credit marks you with a scarlet letter and negatively impacts you in multiple ways. Some of the common side effects include:

High interest rates. When you have poor credit, you’re seen as a higher... Read More

Poorly instructed employees are dangerous for the company. This is true for any industry and position. This applies to the full in the sphere of information security: clicking on an attachment or brining an infected USB flash drive from home - and you are done, that is all. A dangerous ransomware virus now entered the company’s network, all files are locked, the work is paralyzed, the IT department looks for up-to-date backups to restore disks, and management calculates losses from downtime.

At the same time, according to Dunning-Kruger effect, illiterate employees remain full of... Read More

The problem

The Turkish information security researcher Melih Sevim contacted the journalists. He said that he was able to detect a vulnerability in iCloud, which allowed him to view some of the data of other accounts in the service - for example, notes in other people accounts. The researcher was able to access both the data of random accounts and to purposefully disclose information on specific users - for this he needed to know the phone number associated with the service.

According to Melih, he was able to discover this bug in October 2018 and already in November, passed... Read More

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