Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Taking the time to develop a new business department is essential within an ad agency. But don’t expect results if you leave the department without someone to handle the day-to-day management of new business. Gaining new business takes the dedication and day-to-day focus of at least one full-time employee. Unless you are seeing new business walking in the door daily, you need a concerted effort applied toward connecting with the right target market most likely to need your products and services.

1) It’s hard to grow much of anything with so many weeds.

a.) Keep your information... Read More

San Antonio, Texas - BlogCatalog, the blogger social network, today launched its long awaited BC 2.01.0 redesign, providing bloggers with more ways to connect with readers than ever before. "After analyzing and discussing what bloggers really need, we took everything we found and created a totally new platform for bloggers to promote blogs," said Angie Alaniz, owner of BlogCatalog.

The new version opens BlogCatalog up to anyone who wants to join the social network. "We know there are tens of millions of people who read blogs on a regular basis, though the technology simply is too... Read More

Once you have defined your new business parameters, it’s time to gather your leads. And of course, you want to catch as many as you can to store them in a user-friendly database.

Selecting The Right Database Software For Your Needs: There are many from which you can choose. Some are free. Some come with a monthly charge and there are software packages you can purchase outright. The point I want to make is – do your research thoroughly and make sure your database is able to meet all of your needs to categorize leads by region, industry as well as print out reports that showcase... Read More

You’re probably familiar with the saying, ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it.’ Though various news sources tout the recession to be officially over, it's quite obvious how weak the job market remains. Reports from suggest full-time jobs may be a thing of the past while part-time and freelance positions may be the job market of the future. With this in mind, what we say at work and how we communicate what we say may mean more than ever when it comes to maintaining a paycheck.

For those with a job, remember the millions who are still unemployed and have been... Read More

An anti-drug group in New York distributed free pencils to school kids with the anti-drug message, ‘Too Cool To Do Drugs.’ It started out okay, but got worse and worse when the kids actually used the pencils.

As the pencils were worn down and sharpened, the message changed to: ‘Cool To Do Drugs,’ and ‘Do Drugs.’ (excerpt from the book, ‘Duh! The Stupid History of the Human Race,’ by Bob Fenster.)

Okay, so the idea above seemed like a good one at the time but thinking through the communication tool and how it would be used seems to have taken a back seat. Just think... Read More

Whether it’s your firm’s website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter accounts or new business collateral, when it comes to new business, there seems to be a lot of creative junk that is missing the mark to win new business. The question you should always keep in mind is – “Who is the audience I want to see and act on the information I am developing?”

Also, remember a website sitting alone gathers no new business. Please do not program, print or publish any information to entice new business before you consider putting what you plan to use up against this new business test.

... Read More

In PART ONE of this 3-part series on Social Media, you had the opportunity to consider how well you understood social media basics by reviewing a list of 10 questions and seeing how well you could answer them. In PART TWO, you received the first five questions and answers.

Now, here is the final installment, PART THREE - Social Media: What Is It & What's The Value with the last 5 questions and accompanying answers.

6. How long will it take before I see some results from my social media efforts?

Like any business, it takes time to be discovered by your... Read More

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