Sunday, September 15, 2019

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As you might have heard before, alcohol plays a huge role in clouding judgment. Alcohol can impair your judgment to the point that you make bad decisions that you would not otherwise make, and would regret in the morning or when you sober up.

For example, when intoxicated, you may choose to drive home well beyond the legal drinking limit, or when you know you are feeling drunk and should not be getting behind the wheel. But the forces of wanting your own bed, not wanting to wait or pay for a ride, or the old adage of being “just around the corner” outweigh the smart and safe decision,... Read More

Staying healthy can sometimes feel like a constant battle. The reality, though, is that it shouldn't be. Most of the things that determine the state of our overall health are not active decisions, but habits and regular schedules. If we want to care for our health properly, there are some key elements to cultivating good habits that will keep us well nourished, help us get exercise, and combat the risk of ailment.

Nutrition and supplements

There are aspects of your health that you'll need a doctor to address, but there are also everyday responsibilities that you have to consider... Read More

Artificial intelligence sounds like something well-known and familiar but it turns into a complicated idea when we try to define it. Strictly speaking, there are no pure AIs today. Humanity isn’t as proficient at creating artificial brains, as for now. However, we already have various so-called weak AIs that are focused on solving a specific task such as driving a car or analyzing your brand’s performance.

AI and neural networks are slowly conquering our minds and daily lives even if we don’t realize it. While 33% of the customers surveyed by Pega think that they... Read More

The future of energy looks quite bright in 2019. One of the biggest issues that have given experts in the world headache is the issue of sustainability in the energy sector. Energy is still very expensive to produce and there is not yet reliable solutions which are renewable. This is why many organizations around the world have been trying to create innovative energy solutions that will finally remove the dependency on non-renewable energy sources. The following is a quick look at some startups that are looking to completely change the future of energy.

1. Breezi

This startup... Read More

Commonly, the first thing we do in the morning is to look at our mobile screens is to check a Whatsapp message, a Facebook notification, or an email. Mobile app development, thus, has come a long way with the increasing use and popularity of different smartphones and applications.

Mobile applications are often written specifically to take advantage of the unique features of a particular mobile device. For example, a health app is created to take benefit of a smartwatch's temperature sensor. Businesses today, have started to build their applications that address their customers' specific... Read More

Few things are as frightening as getting into a car accident. Sometimes, accidents seem to happen in horrifying slow motion; other times, they’re over in an instant and seem to have come out of nowhere.

As the dust settles, you may be in pain or may just be confused and scared about what just happened. In the emotional and stressful moments that follow, you’ll need to make some important decisions. And, unfortunately, it is all too easy to make a mistake after a car accident that can make things worse. You could expose yourself to further injury, worsen your current condition, or... Read More

Mugshots appear in news articles or television news reports whenever someone gets picked up by the police, and celebrity mugshots are always popular on the internet.

A background check will reveal mugshots of the person being investigated, but where did the idea of the mugshot even come from?

Mugshots as identification

To understand why mugshots are publicly available, it’s important to remember that police have always needed a way to identify people. Before fingerprint records were common, everyone had to rely on photographs. Before that, police could only use written... Read More

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