Monday, May 20, 2019

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Wall mounted pooja mandir today have made it easy to devote your worshiping god a special place even in the smallest homes. The benefits that it offers makes it a must-have in any home.

Some of these benefits are as follows:

Space Saviour

The first and the foremost factor that ping towards a wall mounted pooja mandir than any other style of the mandir is its space savior nature. Wall mounted pooja mandir is hanged at a height.

So, if you do not have much space left to dedicate to a full-fledged mandir, then this mandir design is just meant for you. All you... Read More

Productivity is a common problem among construction companies. The decrease in efficiency and productivity can greatly affect any project’s overall performance, output, and cost. Avoid this by considering these productivity tips to help you start your construction business.

1. Invest in New Technology

Technological innovation like software, machines, and other new tools can greatly improve and fast-track your construction business. Adopting innovations that you can use for scheduling, project management, time tracking, building information modeling, and other productivity... Read More

If you are building a new home, there is no doubt that you have a lot of different things to consider. One of these considerations is which type of heating system to install. Many people have heard of home heat recovery systems, but are unsure as to whether they are a worthwhile investment. Well, not only can they save you a lot of money in energy running costs, but they can also help to improve indoor air quality as well.

Lower Home Heating Costs

A heat recovery system can reduce your heat requirements by as much as 25%. It can also recover up to 90% of wasted heat, reducing... Read More

Since a roof replacement project is one of the most expensive investments, it must be given a good deal of consideration and attention. You need to prepare yourself for this huge roofing responsibility to be able to make it as smooth and successful as possible.

Here are some of the effective tips mentioned to help you carry out the roof replacement.

Plan Your Budget

First of all, you need to plan your budget to make the best out of your given amount of money. You need to be realistic and conscious with the actual total amount you can spend. Only then you would be able... Read More

Asphalt roof is the most popular and demanding one in the roofing business. It has been the choice of many homeowners for the last many years because of its durability and longevity. However, it also comes with some maintenance requirements which need to be fulfilled properly to keep it functioning.

Here are some of the tips which can help you keep your asphalt roof well-maintained.

Check Flashing

The patches of aluminum and metal which are placed over the junctions of the roof are called roof flashing. Such areas on an asphalt roof are quite prone to leaking. If you really... Read More

When you decide to build a new dream home of your life, you want everything to fall at the right place perfectly. You can achieve that dream by investing your hours in planning with the help of experts. And home electric plan must be definitely at the top of your list during the process.

Here are 7 things you must know about electrics when you build a new home.


Lighting is the most important part of your home. Most of the people mainly focus on other important and obvious things like wall designs, paints, furniture, and other accessories. However, it... Read More

Kolkata is a growing city. Several infrastructure projects have played a significant role in the development of this bustling metropolis. The newly built expressways and expanded metro rail route has resulted in a lot of real estate projects coming up in some of the distant neighborhoods. The boundaries of the city are expanding. Localities which were outside the city limit a decade ago are today seen as part of the metropolitan area. Hence, many real estate companies are now investing in residential projects in many up-and-coming neighborhoods of the city.

The home buying market... Read More

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