Monday, June 17, 2019

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House cleaning can really be fun if you approach it the right way. So instead of being a burdensome house chore, it’d turn out to become a hobby- something you love to do every time.

The challenge with most people, especially the working moms, is that they can’t find the time to create an easy home cleaning schedule. So they labour all day without getting the best results from their effort. Usually, they end up creating more mess.

If that resonates with you, let me show you the 4 tricks you should use for your hassle-free house cleaning henceforth.

Getting familiar... Read More

Inheriting a watch that has been in the family for a generation or two is a good thing. So is coming across a vintage watch made by one of the more prominent companies in the industry. The reason is because some used watches do more than hold their value. They can actually appreciate in market value as the years pass. Here are some of the ways you can determine if that used Graham that your grandfather left you in his will is worth more than sentimental value.

Vintage Versus Antique

One of the factors that will influence the market value of the watch is the age. Typically, collectors... Read More

Getting your kid ready for daycare in the morning can be quite the task when you’re trying to get ready for work at the same time. With all of this stress and so little time, you’ve no doubt thought that there must be some alternative; you might have thought about hiring a nanny but dismissed the idea thinking that it would be difficult to find the right one. Nannies are much more common than you might expect, whether they’re hired full-time, just for after-school and weekends, or for the summers, when you’re always scrambling to find daycare and babysitters.

Thanks to websites catering... Read More

In this article we take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when shopping online and how to spot the red flags in the world of internet shopping. This is a must when buying electrical equipment like power tools online.

Check the credibility of the website you purchase from.

A good rule to follow is to stick to the known websites and brands. All the big online retailers like Amazon and Ebay have solid policies and safety measures in place to protect the consumer. There are hundreds of foreign retailers that do not apply sufficient safety measures, and these are the... Read More

It’s often said, time and time again, that the only axiom for 11+ preparations is “Practice, Practice and more Practice.” But, unfortunately, no one seems to take the voice with the seriousness it deserves. That’s why parents need some proven tips and a guide to help their little one pass the 11+ exams.

When the tests are taken and why the cut-throat competition

Usually sat early in the final year of primary education, the outstanding 11+ tests are the only gateway into earning a berth in any of England or Northern Ireland’s selective grammar institutions. These selective state... Read More

Since a dog run is still a ‘cage’, a lot of dog owners are opposing this concept. Well, basically, it is a cage—only bigger and more spacious. But while locking up your pet pal in a dog run may seem cruel at first glance, it is not meant to be the permanent home for your dog. Plus, you can build a bigger dog run so your dog can maximize the space, but that requires you knowing how to build a dog run in the first place. You can also add toys and amenities that can promote movement.

Why Build a Dog Run: Learning the Basics

Dog runs sold in the market vary in size, built and price. However,... Read More

I laugh at myself, my nine children and my husband. Perhaps I hide a sadistic streak. The times I have laughed the hardest concern my husband and bathtubs.

Once Michael was stuck in a small bathtub, trying to rinse his hair with a princess shower head without getting any water on the floor. The second hilarious incident was when he was stuck in a cold bath, with his leg sticking straight out in a cast, while I attempted to haul him up!

Both times I laughed so hard that I ended up on the floor. My husband did not even smile.

Usually, though, my laughter cuts tension, sadness,... Read More

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