Monday, March 18, 2019

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However, global telecom connectivity, resultant growth of online sites and easy access to broadband services have overtaken the market by degrees. Users now expect to stream the majority of these contents directly from the cloud to their devices. The online streaming services have acquired much recognition throughout the world but in the following discussion, we are going to explore and compare only those websites that have particularly gained wide acceptance in North America.

Comparison between the Online Streaming Services

As stated earlier, due to these online streaming sites,... Read More

Pay Television like Cable & Satellite TV face several issues like carriage disputes. You will never know when a broadcaster releases a message saying you lost or can't watch a channel any longer or comes with a package or offers cutting down the immediate accessibility to particular channel or channels.The best thing and the main reason why people prefer streaming TV Services over the Satellite or Cable TV is the cost. With Digital Streaming services, the audience can now watch their favorite channels at reasonable prices without getting worried about the tiffs between broadcasters... Read More

Originally from Djibouti, East Africa, actor Souleiman Bock, who played Khaalid Mohamoud on the hit British TV series “River,” has definitely gotten our attention with the unique and often brooding look he brings to the screen, but the actor’s appeal on camera extends far beyond his looks alone.

From the dark and menacing to the deeply emotional, Bock’s ability to bring a wide range of characters to life with believability has been a driving factor in the success he’s achieved in the industry over the last few years.

In the crime series “River” created by Primetime Emmy Award... Read More

With a unique and ethnically ambiguous style of beauty that captivates and intrigues audiences every time she hits the screen, actress Dive Assad is one of those rare talents we just can’t seem to take our eyes off.

Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Dive Assad shares similarities in terms of look and appeal with the likes of Salma Hayek, with both actresses being of Lebanese heritage on their fathers’ side. For Dive, who moved stateside a few years ago to focus on her acting career, 2016 has been an incredibly successful year with the actress taking on a plethora of lead roles in an impressive... Read More

Sling TV is a considerable solution for cord cutters, but it has still not been as successful as Netflix. The biggest reason for this is that, unlike Netflix, Sling TV gives you one login at a time. This is one of the biggest issues people are facing while enjoying an amazing service like Sling TV. With this being said, if you live alone, Sling TV is a great low-cost solution for you as compared to your cable.

Sling TV started off as cable over the Internet, and it has managed to impress many people. However, when we compare it to a strong competitor like Netflix, you will realize that... Read More

For many actors the audition room can become an overwhelming place fairly quickly, especially if they are new to the process or unprepared; but, it’s one that they need to get comfortable with just the same, that is, if they ever want to book work in the increasingly competitive entertainment industry. Having the time to develop a character prior walking into the room is ideal, but it’s a luxury that doesn’t always happen. Being able to immerse oneself in the character in an instant and intuitively gauging how they’ll be read best on the fly, is one challenge that separates the select pool... Read More

John Lewis has announced its new collaboration with designer Bruce Oldfield for AW15.

The Bruce by Bruce Oldfield collection is the first time the celebrated designer- whose clients have included the late Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cornwall - has joined forces with the high street.

It is available online and in selected stores now, and includes staple little black dresses, chic tailoring and stylish outerwear.

photo: 2015 cheap formal dresses

The silhouette for Bruce's dresses is elongated and nipped in at the waist whilst the more tailored pieces are relaxed... Read More

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