Friday, August 23, 2019
By Yvonne Wu,

In my new book "The Biblical Clock " I provide readers with more congruence between the two bodies of knowledge, Science and Religion. Readers are given a deeper understanding of our origins and our future. This book is just a step in that process.

I found that almost every person has at some point in their life pondered the question, “Where did I come from and how did I get here?” Climate change has left many worried about our future.

My book demonstrates the resolution between science and scripture with respect to the timing...
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The Writer's Ego

Shaun you're probably nearer the mark than most. "mmm...right right" spoken with contemplative "yawn" inflection when you join a writers' group or dare blurt out in front of established writers (any writers) you tend to scribble, usually sending all...

The Writer's Ego

Very interesting train of thoughts, but I found myself asking, what about those that write under a ghost it to keep their privacy, or perhaps lack of ego...I actually can see both sides, especially when you are talking about writing fiction....