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By JennyT, published on Aug 29, 2013

babbling about age

joints (a different kind) that ache in rain sounds of oohs and aaahs stiff bones - (sat too long) bending with a sock

wrinkles (don't get me started) tired arches - heels too high energy zapped end of the day (do I have to cook) tablets - herbs- vitamins body rattles walking pharmacy

one could ask (no I do ask) how much to they alleviate placebos of the mind thinking of ahead walking sticks (possibly frames) be gone with you

for ageing brings memories smack bang - the hippocampus of daisy chains Hendrix - Joplin laughter sitting cross legged... (more)

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Lucky Bastards

By Annie44, published on Mar 3, 2013, his shiny black head bobbing along the surface while the gulls gather. I watch them circle and caw like they did when I was a child, as if my appearance triggered in their memories the disruption we annually inflicted.

Although this landscape still signifies the innocence of my youth, the island has become a small world, one that I’ve outgrown. A fleeting moment that came to pass and is forever gone.

They say you can never go back. If that’s true, I can only hope that Bud and Lowell found some peace from our days gone by before that reality set in.

This is ... (more)

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Waiting's Close Lover When

By D. Sager, published on Jan 18, 2013

Dressing myself with Waiting's robes looking in the mirror at When. Finding thoughts that without warning haunt and scare my lonely Then. Question the mistress Waiting, again to the end of never, When? Waiting she dances, holding me close and calling her lover When Her music of chance and sultry moves under the covers of patient Then A cruel lover Waiting plays with me as I grow old with desire When Teasing from me my passing youth with Waiting's close lover When First published in


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By Rahul, published on Dec 12, 2012

...personals were introduced (both in person and on phone) and the discussion was started in hope that it will boost the channel’s Tvr, but little did they realize that there was nothing exclusive about their news. ‘Drink liquor and smoke cigarettes’ has become the slogan of majority of the youths in Kerala for quite some time, they pride themselves in doing it (more so when others see them too), so few school boys in front of the beverage shop buying liquor wouldn’t bring much shock to the so literate Keralites.

Liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, pain, agonizing death, what more... (more)

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The Fountain of Youth

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 10, 2012

Advertisers have tapped into a universal craving to stop the relentless ravages of time in the human body by pushing countless gimmicks to keep us youthful. These products keep us healthy but the secret fountain of youth is not a thing to buy but rather an attitude, an inner way of living.

Mortals were created to connect with the light and energy of the unseen, the invisible Force/ Higher Power/ God who created them. I am not so arrogant as to believe that only one spirituality works. In fact many who call themselves atheists are in fact spiritual people in communion with nature. Although... (more)

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Raising Our Children Well

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jun 19, 2012 a small grouping of high achievers, cementing his place in Boy Scouts alumni forever. And I can venture to say it’s laid a certain foundation for him to succeed in.

I know, I ‘m going on and on about my family member. But, here’s the point I’m leaning toward: When our nations youth are given the opportunity, and encouraged to become involved in activities which help them grow, teach them responsibility, become a leader, and get their hands dirty, honorable adults become the result. They’re more than likely to stay out of trouble, and learn the value of studying,... (more)

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A Child Is Dead!

By Caballero_69, published on Apr 4, 2012

Breathes there a one with soul so dead

As never to oneself have said

No matter what excuses may be pled

A child is dead!

In a seemingly prosperous Florida town

A young black boy was wantonly gunned down

The police were summoned and quickly came

But the lad lay dead all the same.

Must we not all wonder why?

A happy, friendly child had to die.

He went to the store and was coming back

Then was slain for the crime of “walking while black.”

For too long this has been the case

People hating people based on... (more)

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Waves of Freedom

By Caballero_69, published on Jun 17, 2011 section of the country.

Americans and particularly young Americans have seen and faced up to such things before. Now I am among the elders. It is time for me to return the favors done for me long years ago. For my sons and my treasured younger colleagues, for the fallen heroes of my youth, for the good and growing community of thinkers, learners, and writers at BrooWaha, I offer this to encourage a renewal of the spirit and a resumption of the practice of a unified and unifying activism through which the Waves of Freedom will wash away the bitterness, bigotry, and belligerence... (more)

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African Youth Face up to Life

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Nov 30, 2010

The African continent engorges a great number of young people. It is said that that 60 percent of Africa's population is below the age of 30. Accordingly, if the young people are supported as to deal with the challenges they face, they can build their future in a positive way. The African youth face challenges to permanent life realities. The youth is always defied the harsh facts of globalization and different other categories of development. Actually the line of attack to such confrontations carry some much weight and thus, can turn what is seemingly negative into a strength.

The truth... (more)

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Driving Down Crime

By Glenn T, published on Oct 21, 2009

Racial profiling is a volatile and hot-button issue, which pits our ever-increasing desire for personal safety in an era of terror and violence against the desperate defense of our civil rights as their systemic erosion seems more and more inevitable. We all like to think we know what criminals look like, but then realize that not everyone that looks like our stereotypical criminal is one nor does every criminal fit such a description. Bernie Madoff looks about has harmless as your accountant, yet perpetrated the world’s greatest fraud; while Chad Ochocinco (of Cincinnati Bengals fame) looks... (more)

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