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Stretch your body, stretch your life

By akagc, published on Dec 20, 2011

...stretching for year during my training, something was bound to give out at one point or another.

As fit as one can be, when the body is overstressed, it will give out. It's our responsibility to find away to heal it, and maintain it. Over 7 months, I slowly cured myself through yoga; where I learned the importance and effectiveness of breath-work and focused stretching. Stretching was fairly easy; but to reach new possiblities with my body, I had to make the leap to yoga.

Some people swear by yoga, while others hate it. Yes, Yoga isn't easy, and yes, it's painful,... (more)

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I Hate Yoga

By christinemer, published on Nov 10, 2011

I hate Yoga. No, I really mean I hate it. I hate the holier-than-thou attitude of those who practice it, and the way they insinuate that they are better inside because they do it. I hate the soft way people talk while they're doing it. I hate that the teachers walk around the room and talk about breathing all the time, as if that is going to rid me of the results of the pints and pints of coffee ice cream I've eaten over the course of my lifetime. Everyone knows that if your breathing isn't labored, you are not feeling the burn, which means you will not see results. Yoga people are thin, not... (more)

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The Power of Non-Reaction

By mantra lotus, published on Mar 17, 2011

To React or Not?

The question enters me frequently. (I), like so many other human beings; bounce between my spiritual self (the all knowing, righteous, peace seeking, and zen loving part of me) and the physical self (skin, emotion, vengeful, lustful, spontaneous, thoughtless, and carefree part of me).

I wrestle with myself on what to do when confrontational situations come up. Sometimes, I think of how I will fend off moral uncomfortable incidents? Also, if I am attacked, do I fight back? If I am verbally disrespected; do I myself become just as belligerent? Do I debate... (more)

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The Body as Metaphor

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Feb 7, 2011

Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?The Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get toAlice: I don’t much care where.The Cat: Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.Alice: …so long as I get somewhere.The Cat: Oh, you’re sure to do that, if only you walk long enough.

- Alice and Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

What have I done?

What will I do?

How will I move on?

Where will I go from here?

What will I do once I am there…

I can’t pretend to know a thing about growth and rebirth, about suffering or... (more)

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By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Dec 5, 2009

...on the dank wood floor as the wind howled outside and whistled at the falling snow. Incense burnt somewhere beyond the circle of people I was included in, and the room sang softly of the chanting music from a turned off stereo. When the crowd turned to me, I regaled them with my hopes of using yoga to move forward, forward, forward, and as I lent my head down, I felt the words trickle out. Too low for anyone else to hear but the Swami in lotus next to me, I ended with a new passionate word, or a new motivator, I can't be sure; "happy". It scared even me. Usually I plan out my words before ... (more)

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