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Cadel Evans Life Cycles-At The Top Of The Mountain

By neil6, published on Oct 28, 2011

...Eventually Cadel comes conscious and is miraculously physically intact. For months later he suffers from headaches and palsy on one side of his face, but through determination comes through all this.

Now let's skip forward to when he was aged 12 and in his first remembered 'Year of Revolution'. Was there any new age/direction that was ushered in by fateful events? Well the story, as told by his excellent biography "Almost Flying", is that just before turning 12 in late 1988, he goes on his first ever mountain bike race and completes only one lap before retiring exhausted. He... (more)

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Steve Jobs-Unique Life Cycles Analysis

By neil6, published on Oct 18, 2011 him, this changed his direction and shaped his life. He also began his working career with computers. His challenge became how to integrate these values, a couple of years later, into his computing start-up company called Apple.

Now let's skip forward to his first age 24 'Year of Revolution' (Feb.1979 to Feb.1980). What sort of upheaval and new age happened then? This was not the founding of Apple, as this had already happened, but it was the birth of the Macintosh project (in Sept.1979) and the accidental discovery by Jobs of the thing that changed personal computing... (more)

Tags: steve jobs, unique life cycles analysis. the spple mac era, the pixar era, neil killion, year of revolution, year of broken pathways

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