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Why E-books are here to stay

By Kaycee, published on Nov 22, 2009

Ebooks and why they are here to stay What is an e-reader? According to Wikipedia,

An e-book device, sometimes also called an e-book reader, is a device used to display e-books. It may be a device specifically designed for that purpose, or one intended for other purposes as well. The term is restricted to hardware devices, not software programs. The main advantages of these devices are: comfortable reading, perfect under sunlight, weeks of battery life and lightness.

Available e-Book Formats

Adobe Acrobat, eReader, Palm Doc, Rocket/REB1100, Microsoft Reader, PocketPC 1.0+ Compatible,... (more)

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The Write Stuff

By Glenn T, published on Oct 27, 2009

... instead of waxing poetic about the latest invasive public behavioral trend that makes me simultaneously loathe traveling, big cities and the public in general, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on why it is that I write. For the record, had I not come upon this epiphanic moment, I’d be writing about the gentlemen in the row ahead of me, who is the latest in a string of middle-aged men who seem bent on attempting their strained and painful version of flirting with the poor women who made their travel plans too late to avoid getting stuck in a middle seat next to them. Invariably,... (more)

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