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The Audit of Broo: An Internal Dissection By Its Own Members

By BusinessLife, published on Feb 18, 2011 a part of a published article, which may have needed to be screened and edited prior to publishing. (The comment could be a joke between writers, however.)

-I believe that some way needs to be found to make peace with the dissatisfied Reno crew. At one time I thought that I could by writing about the situation make that happen. I stopped when it became clear to me that I was reaching neither side with my articles.

-If problems already identified, including lack of consistent copy-editing, lack of openness, etc. do not get corrected within a reasonable length of time these... (more)

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I Want I'M TIRED to Die!

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 17, 2010

I am tired of wishing my life away and tired of all of the tears. I'm sick of wondering why things are and wanting someone to make things better. Why do I have to succumb to such daggers of anguish that tear at my soul and leave me without any possibility of experiencing a moment of peace of love or anything of substance that might seem to supply food to my soul?

It never ends. I get just so far and then - STOP! I am knocked down and pummeled by society's neglect of its own, leaving those without protection to wither and die inside.

It's sick isn't it? How is such complacency... (more)

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Volunteers Needed As Literacy Tutors

By Libdrone, published on Sep 8, 2010

If you are literate, which is to say if you can read this sentence without difficulty, you are already mostly qualified to help another adult learn English as a second language. All accross the United States immigrants are in need of basic literacy skills. Luckily organizations exist in almost every major city to match volunteers with students. For more information about this opportunity please visit


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Eight Lessons for the Unpublished

By cranelegs, published on Aug 14, 2010

... years. It is the least I can do. But before I begin, I must warn you, remove any loaded guns, put the arsenic away, tuck the noose under the bed, and pull the box of Kleenex near.

Are you ready? Let’s do a little sharing then, shall we?

One: Contests

I dabbled in writing scripts about ten years ago, entering two in some smalltime but legitimate screenplay contest in Monterey County, California. When informed that both made it to the second round, I secretly allowed myself the simple pleasure of imagining my acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. When I... (more)

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Story Girl - Confessions: The Shift, Part One.

By Kay C, published on Jun 23, 2010

...increasingly more barren. Thankfully, driven filmmakers who needed an outlet for their work brought about the independent film revolution.

And even as I contributed to such projects in the film world, I was still a publishing snob. Especially as I came to realize that my real passion is writing. I also forgot some essential truths about myself. First, I love to demystify all that dazzles and flabbergasts... I like to peel back the curtain and expose the operations. And I also believe in the democratization of everything. Let the people decide... let them pick what they want to see,... (more)

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The Power of Depress

By alan handwerger, published on Apr 23, 2010

Before I go to all the bother of standing up, I have first to ask myself – why? What could possibly await an erect me that would be worth the considerable effort I will need to expend in order to raise myself from the relative comfort of these, my pillows? Nothing comes to mind. I’ll stay put.

Uh-oh. Here she comes: Captain Lorrie of the energy police. “Are you just going to lie there all day?”

“I’ve been giving that a good deal of thought… I think so.”

“Wallowing in your misery.”


“Well, suit yourself. I’m going out. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

... (more)

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The Naked Paper

By taking off the mask, published on Apr 19, 2010

The naked paper sits before me fully exposed no words to clothe it it lays there helpless waiting for me to dress her in creativity she begs me to make her original and to standout but I just look at her beauty her smooth white surface so prude and innocent never been touched with ink I desire her instantly I want to cover her from top to bottom in beautiful words make her shout out and be full of adjectives let her verbs do the talking she willingly accepts everything I have to offer thoughts will be written all over her face no longer will she look blank I have the power to change her make her... (more)

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On Writing: The Vigilante

By Tom Lewis, published on Feb 4, 2010

... give the same counsel: "Don't do it! Unless you absolutely have to. If your fingers begin to type involuntarily in midair if you haven't written anything for a day, you might be a writer. If you get physical symptoms -- stomach ache, lightheadedness, extreme grouchiness -- after abstaining from writing for a week, you might be a writer. Otherwise forget it. You won't like it, and the feeling will be mutual."

Come to think of it, I don't get asked to speak to writers' clubs much any more. So that worked. (Jack Limpert, the longtime editor of Washingtonian Magazine, used to say at every ... (more)

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On Writing: The Poet

By Tom Lewis, published on Jan 27, 2010

...title. And a series with that kind of sales went on, and on, and on....

Like the magazines that spawned it, Time-Life Books became successful because it was editor-centric: editors ran the company, hired the people, set the standards and enforced the rules. The objective: clear, dense writing that was exhaustively researched and rigorously edited, writing, in other words, that was unfailingly right, and so smooth and easy to read that it revealed none of the effort that went into it. ("Never let them see you sweat," managing editor Jerry Korn used to say.)

When you wrote... (more)

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18th Century Lobster and 19th Century Suntans

By alan handwerger, published on Jan 26, 2010

...Henceforward, Alan Handwerger is going to be entitled to as many Poppasquash Point oysters as the next guy. It’s all about attitude.

I think I’ll start with my editor...

“Tom. Alan Handwerger here. How are you?… Good. Listen, Tom, you know those columns I’ve been writing for you that you’ve been paying me next to nothing for?… Uh-huh… Thanks. Yeah; I put a lot of thought into them. Anyway, from now on, I’m going to need a little more for them… Uh-huh… I was thinking more like $1,000… Tom … Tom … Hmm.” Must have got disconnected. But he... (more)

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