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Ballerina Down Downtown

By Theresa H Hall, published on Sep 6, 2013

City lights surround

The stage set with a

Cast of three dancers

Ballerina down downtown

Transfixed I watch as your hand

Gracefully plays across imagined

Waves etched within the

Air around you

Ballerina down downtown


You lift your arms effortlessly

Reaching up as heavy drops of rain

Pound their rhythmic

Splashes of song

Ballerina down downtown

Two male dancers lift and

Pass you to-and-fro

Your slim body

Embraces the quickening beat

Ballerina down... (more)

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Look - Prose about seeing (Part 3)

By JennyT, published on Sep 3, 2013

Look at the tulip petals as they slowly unfold

Look at the wedding ring sparkling gold

Look at the clouds as they drift through the sky

Look at expressions of those who walk by


Look at the leaves curling on trees

Look at the hive that is made by the bees

Look at the spider web woven and glossy

Look at the mother, finger pointing and bossy


Look at the stars on warm summer nights

Look at the dog with the ball that he bites

Look at the crests of the waves on the beach

Look at the... (more)

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Listening - Prose (Part 2)

By JennyT, published on Sep 3, 2013

Listen to the morning birds with their wake up song

Listen to the footsteps in the house where you belong

Listen to the new borns as they utter their first sounds

Listen to the children's laughter ringing through playgrounds


Listen to the anger in the voices in a fight

Listen to thunder as it cracks on stormy nights

Listen to the people having conversations nearby

Listen to the whirring fans on ceilings way up high


Listen to the sounds of hooves galloping on the ground

Listen to the lost shelter... (more)

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By JennyT, published on Sep 3, 2013

Compliments, us women love them. I wonder if our men folk love them equally?

What does the lady in your life want to hear? I am trying to list 'genuine' compliments/words not the 'I want to get you in the sack corn'. A light-hearted and serious look at things we sometimes say to one another.

Genuine from our men-folk

You look stunning. Hairdresser did an amazing job hun. How pretty are you looking right now. I so wish you would believe me when I tell you that you have a great figure. You are the greatest mum. Being with you would have to be one of the smartest... (more)

Tags: writing, relationships, manners, humour, compliments, smarmy compliments, genuine compliments, appearance, keeping relationships happy

Touch - A prose about senses (Part 1)

By JennyT, published on Sep 2, 2013

Touch by hand the subtle things

Touch the child with new born skin

Touch the water in rock pools still

Touch the snow - white frozen chill


Touch the bark of trees at dark

Touch the glass and leave your mark

Touch the animal that makes you shiver

Touch the stones in the rippling river


Touch the pen so you may write

Touch the pillow you sleep on at night

Touch the cheek of those who blush

Touch the person whose heart is crushed


Touch the grass in paddocks... (more)

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Online Dating

By JennyT, published on Sep 1, 2013 be with) happens to be from an internet site and the thought of that makes you wary...think about it ..what harm can it do...what are you afraid of? It will be your choice to chat, to talk on the phone, to meet when you feel comfortable in doing so.

I did and I am so glad that I took the plunge for if I hadn't I would probably be sitting in my little study blogging, writing and wondering who is out there for me?

As they say nothing ventured...nothing gained.

OK he's not Bruce...but my man is just as ... Pic courtesy of Google &  (more)

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By JennyT, published on Sep 1, 2013

Gossamer circles hang on limb

broken only by the gust of wind

stirred from skies and plunges deep

skies of black and restless sleep

Brumbies stir and gallop up hills

steep their climb strong of will

light from stars bathe the ground

grass is black for miles around

Lightning breaks the darkness still

zig zagged lights across the hill

thunder rumbles high in these skies

brumbies pack warning danger is nigh

Leader heads them up the hills

others follow at their will

strong of legs they carry on

... (more)

Tags: writing, prose, panic, brumbies, australia wild horses, thunderstorms

Pop and his new toy

By JennyT, published on Aug 31, 2013

The day has arrived, well yesterday actually.

I took Pop to buy a scooter - as his car was sold last week.

He could not drive anymore without putting his life in danger or someone else's. He settled on a 2nd hand one (2 years old) and after today’s first ‘test-drive’ I am so glad he didn’t pay for a new one at $4000.00. This was just over half that price.

See in the 1st picture the smile – the look of happiness, as we set the speed to turtle (5kph) to get out of the driveway. It can ramp up to the hare which is 12kph….I know what a hoon.

Down... (more)

Tags: family, writing, elderly, scooters, test run, no more driving, tortoise and hare

Life Over 50

By JennyT, published on Aug 29, 2013

how does it change us?

what makes us different if anything?

we see the same things ....... though probably now through squinted eyes or glasses

we hear the same things ... though you may have to speak up a little or slower

we smell the same things .... our nostrils haven't let us down yet

do we feel the same?

hmmm no... our brains think we do, our bodies are less inclined

it's our prerogative to have achy knees, hands, feet or legs, we have used them for a long time

to say what we want to though it may offend, our right to speak our mind

... (more)

Tags: writing, age, memories, manners, hearing, wrinkles, creams, sore joints, grumpiness, for the over 50's, eye-sight

The Year 1602

By JennyT, published on Aug 29, 2013

Her hair was left threaded underneath his finger-nails.

Mud and wetted boots from chasing her through the moors, he finally caught up with her, though exhausted, she still put up a fight.

Breathless screams for help did her no good, not out here, where it was too barren, too cold for any human to survive for long, where the heavy fog blanketed the sedge grass and it wilted under its dampness.

Her clothes were tattered, expected, her life lived in the woods at the edge of the moors would be a poor one, but yet she was still pretty. He observed her cream complexion beneath... (more)

Tags: writing, short story, witchcraft, innocence, crimes, witches, sixteenth century

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