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Immediate Help Finding Blog Topics

By darinlhammond, published on May 25, 2013

Sometimes writers get stuck! Whatever your blogging niche, idea generation weighs constantly on your mind as you have to crank out that next blog post. The real problem is that you want the blog post to be great, reach readers, go viral, and make you famous.

But, you are realistic and would be satisfied with a solid post that enhances your brand and attracts visitors.When you have written for a few years, sometimes the well lacks a bit of water. It's hard to come up with new, valuable blog posts everyday.As a university writing instructor, I face this wall with 60 students each semester.... (more)

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How to Use Cognitive Science to Crush Writer's Block

By darinlhammond, published on Jan 30, 2013

Redefining writer's block

If you are a blocked writer, you may be comforted, or tormented, by Ralph Ellison's story. His block scorched an enchanted literary career, a conflagration created in the fuel of his famous 1950 novel Invisible Man. The book elevated Ellison to the heights of the literary elite and the Civil Rights Movement, and his compulsion to surpass his previous success with a new novel crushed him, his death in 1994 the final defeat. Ellison wrote only one novel despite more than forty years of effort. The New York Times notes that:

"His predicament was worsened by... (more)

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True Writing Success: Blood, Suffering, and Demons

By darinlhammond, published on Jan 15, 2013

...from stupidity, but because we want so intensely for people to read our the words from our essence. My bones ooze the pernicious vain desire to be heard. Many profiteers feed off this vulnerability, taking money from the poor, in payment for a hope. For a profiteer to sell copies, a book of writing tips only has to make the author believe that he will succeed. Not all, but many prey upon the mass of writers, who only want to believe.

Loving Bloody FingersWhy are we compelled to write when the process is so painful, if you are truly writing. Phillip Pullman suggests that writing is an ... (more)

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SEO and 10,000 Student Essays Teach about Titles

By darinlhammond, published on Nov 14, 2012

Self expression usually motivates our writing, even the title. However, expression provides only one motivation. We also pay special attention to our titles because of readers, Bing, and Google. One of our goals is to gain traffic, and both readers and bots first scan the title to determine whether to read on. The title represents the potential to grab or lose our audience.Titles are important to me. As an English professor for the past 12 years, I have encountered 10,000 plus college level essays. Consider the number of pages that represents, most coming from reluctant writers. I nearly vomit... (more)

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