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Finding Healing

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 19, 2014

Today I wake with a hunger

to search the valley

A place where birth lingers

with it's sacred memories

Instead I find voices of condemnation

wounds which left me bleeding, sticks and stones

Still I look for healing, grace, truth, reality beyond

the narrow confines of intolerance and judgement.....

Finding none...

I climbed the mountain summit

Where I had placed my hopes and dreams

Breathless with perseverance

Resolution and persistence my tools

Embracing only the shadow of what had been

once upon... (more)

Tags: life, healing, grace, strength, wounds, higher being

Love Is Eternal

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 28, 2013

... of life

Sometimes leaving us gasping ...

Finding within this love

All we ever wanted, needed . sought

Our hearts so vulnerable

Rational is left wanting...

Love heals our afflictions

Wounds us beyond any measure

Enveloping of treasures

Beyond reasoning...

Never is it truly gone

Even death can not consume it

Doors do not block it out

Transparent unending truth...

... (more)

Tags: sorrow, hope, honor, joy, strength, wounds, unending, heals

Heal Your Own Heart, Heal the World

By Lumiere, published on Nov 2, 2011

... clear to me in the midst of a child's joyful spirit and lack of materialistic desire is that the world is full of wounded hearts in desperate need of healing.

Underneath the surface of our 'well manicured materialistic society' we are infected. Oozing from the puss of negativity and past wounds long needing to be cleaned, bandaged and healed. When we glorify gossip, and the destruction of "peoples marriages, the family unit, the demise of a loving union." No matter how perfect our physical appearance is groomed, no matter the social status of the individual, no matter how many... (more)

Tags: ptsd, healing, Meditation, surviving, broken heart, wounds, oneness university, break up, tapping, eft, deeksha, meditate

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