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How Being Physically Active Can Improve Work Productivity

By Patrick Johnson, published on Jan 12, 2014

...your dip in productivity. The following are ways that you can stay active and the ways it can help you:

1. Cardiovascular Exercise- Increased Mood and Brain Flow

Taking approximately 30 minutes three days per week to perform cardiovascular exercises can help you immensely at work. Cardiovascular exercise are exercises that increase heart rate. They include such exercises as bike riding, treadmill walking, running, jogging and more. When the heart rate rises above normal levels, you will feel a surge of energy course through your body. This surge of energy will last for... (more)

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My Signature

By Rahul, published on Oct 1, 2013

It is only been few weeks since I got into a job after a tiresome year of wait and trial. It was a nervous time for me, a first timer in the spot light of expectations; I kept trying hard to prove my worth and worked harder to impress everyone. It was very difficult at first, it often felt that I am abducted into an alien world with no clue what so ever about my new surroundings and asked to survive by my own. Minutes seemed like hours and the technical journals on my desk seem insufficient to pass time any further. It was then, at those highly productive working hours that all of sudden he... (more)

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By Scorpion Sting, published on Mar 25, 2013

Those of y'all who were regulars or even know me in real life already know that I find it quite sad that I have to be responsible for Other People's Children while I am at work. Having 3 children of my own of various ages and a young grand daughter I would like to say I have a little experience raising children. I see, in life in general, that many parents don't take the time to teach their children how to act in the real world or when they have a job. I know I cannot be the only person alive that has witnessed young adults in the workplace who need a babysitter to help them get through... (more)

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Mutant in a Seat: The Woes and Humiliation of Interviewing F

By HomeRearedChef, published on Nov 6, 2012

...but the whole time knowing they now see me as a “has-been.”

You see, when they asked, “So what is it you like most about your present position?” I felt I needed to update them on my status, because I know I heard gasps escape their mouths when they realized that I haven’t worked in over three years.

I assumed they knew! Shouldn’t they have already known my status?

“I’m sorry! I am not working at the present, and it says so right there on my resume,” I replied, though without any disrespect.

I wondered if they’d even bothered to review my ... (more)

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How to write the next literary novel

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 20, 2012

...Also the reader will never finish it, so it will remain a mountain to be conquered, a masterpiece to be returned to time and again, in frustration.

9) Don’t publicize the book. Just make sure it has some scandal attached to it (charges of nihilism, sedition or sexual deviancy would work).

10) Print a limited run of 100 copies, give them away free to people who are looking for a hook or platform to further their own literary careers, then sit back or get on with your regular writing and watch your book become the stuff of legend. Better yet, say it’s out of print and... (more)

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Don’t Just Make An Impression: Create An Amazing Reputation

By Jeisyn Murphy, PhD, published on Oct 12, 2012

How do you feel about having to make an impression on someone? For some it’s a daunting task. For others it’s a chance to make connections, do a little business, find friends or even a mate.

Are you good at it? Do you think you have room for improvement? According to a recent study on Facebook profile photos, people who include social cues in their profile photos are perceived to be more socially attractive. A social cue might be you playing catch with your kids, holding a drink and smiling, playing the guitar or any information that shows who you are and what you’re about.

That... (more)

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We will work until we die!

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 28, 2012

... can only be rich if someone else is poor. It’s a relative thing. It happened in the Middle Ages, it happened in Dickensian times, it is happening now. It will happen whenever vigilance and resistance is dropped.4) Standards only apply if there is energy and discipline to uphold them.5) We will work until we die. “Man will earn his living by the sweat of his brow,” still holds true today, instead of “Man shall retire to a beach at 65 and stare into the sunset with a margarita, while money collects in his bank account.” Maybe this latter mantra works for a privileged few who will die ... (more)

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Why Entrepreneurship isn't for Everyone

By Selina Jane, published on Nov 9, 2010 dad had a twinkle in his eye as he watched his little girl using her instinctive entrepreneurial genes. He was so proud.

My dad is the reason why I am, and will always be an entrepreneur. Some days I want to kiss him. Other days I want to punch him. I will never be able to join the work force. I will never be able experience the security of paid vacations, sick days, water cooler talk, casual Fridays and pay increases. Because I am destined to live the roller coaster hell-joy-ride of being an entrepreneur. Thanks dad… I think?

This life isn’t for everyone though.... (more)

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