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iLo on Men: The New Issue with Age

By iLo Ivy, published on Oct 10, 2011

...attention. There was nothing special about it (the usual “I’d like to meet you” stuff) except for one funny sentence, which this guy thought it was OK to include [smile]. Here we go, he dared to write, to me of all people [smile], “I have always been drawn to (smart and beautiful) older women…” Well you got the keyword then.

OK, how do I say this? He’s cute, he seems smart… BUT! He’s just one year younger - yes, ONE, that’s just 1 for you – and as you can see, I refuse to refer to myself as “older”. In other words, my mum just had me a few months earlier... (more)

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iLo on Men: Let Me Make It Easy for You

By iLo Ivy, published on Oct 4, 2011

I'm not going to pretend that I'm always on your side. Every so often you do get on my nerves, guys. But I must admit, I understand why you say the things you say, and do the things you do (yes, toilet seat included). OK, I'd like to kick off this gig with a little chat about the rather confusing subject of 'being easy' (but not necessarily slutty). Of course, I'm talking about us, ladies. We all know it's perfectly cool for a guy to want to have sex ASAP. It's called 'being charming', right?

Well, lucky you! I praise the outgoing male for being direct, expressing what he wants, "bullsweet"... (more)

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Car Shopping while female, and non-white, a personal experience.

By baynurse, published on Oct 2, 2011

I am in the market for a slightly used car, I love the idea of a hybrid, of all that I have seen, the Toyota Prius offers the highest mpg and a very comfortable ride albeit the car is a bit on the nerdy side of looks, but since looks aren’t everything, I decided to investigate this magnificent wonder of gas saving, eco friendly, conscientious, Go Green, yuppyness of a car.

Car salesmen…. Need I digress into rather unkind explicatives? I shan’t, because I am decent and gracious and I would run out of them before I felt any better about car salesmen.

Lies, lies, and more lies,... (more)

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The ‘Silent Treatment’ Speaks Volumes – What is It Saying?

By iLo Ivy, published on Sep 30, 2011

But we’re so used to settling for the obvious – s/he doesn’t want to (answer) or s/he is too keen (on me) – that we’ve almost lost the ability to think rationally about why we keep failing at communicating more openly.

If you’re one of those people who keeps wondering, where to draw the line between gratitude and politeness – because you like to think of yourself as someone who’s “too nice and wouldn’t hurt a fly” – when s/he is “too keen” for your liking, the question you need to ask yourself is, “Why don’t I simply say, ‘I really don’t want to receive your emails, or calls, or text... (more)

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I Was Raised Catholic So Sex Will Always Be Dirty

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Sep 28, 2011

Let us face it! Many of us have once in a blue moon heard: "Your body is a temple designed by God" "Your body is sacred and so is the fruit within" "The body is not meant for fornication; it is for the Lord and the Lord for the body"

If you were raised in a religious home, this was enforced until you were either 50 years old or you deviated so much that you fornicated until your insides had rotten. Personally, I was not born in a religious home but it's as if it was. Old values were always enforced and with a Cuban military father and grandfather - Shit! You didn't even want to think... (more)

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A Crime of Pas·sion {noun}

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Sep 28, 2011

...or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. 2. strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor. 3. strong sexual desire; lust. 4. an instance or experience of strong love or sexual desire. 5. a person toward whom one feels strong love or sexual desire.}

For some reason; men and women, amongts 20-some, seem to be at the low on this particular subject. Overall, ambition and motivation is lacked. Just then i couldn't help but wonder: If you got it, why not flaunt it? What makes one not want to be interested in the things we are passionate about? Whatever it may be, get up and ... (more)

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3 Gridiron Goods for Girls

By Glenn T, published on Sep 6, 2011

...Academic arenas once the exclusive purview of men: law, engineering, mathematics, etc., now have as many or more female students and scholars than their male peers. And while all of this sounds fantastic, it robs men of the one thing they want most in a relationship (well, aside from seeing women naked), and that’s to feel needed. I’m not sure when or how I learned as much about football as I know, but I know I’m not alone. You can put any two guys together from vastly different walks of life, educational backgrounds, or professions and we will be able to speak fluently in... (more)

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It’s Tough To Be A Man

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 6, 2011

Historically, men have been known to act as muzzles that have prevented women’s liberation and empowerment from happening in full swing. Men have also been adduced as self-proclaimed czars who have taken away women’s privilege as their appanage. In doing so, men have often been read and remarked as mischievous, perverse, and wicked in their willful means. But not all men are same just as all women are different. Reading a man’s motives may sometimes appear tough while at other times his feelings may be as playful as a tot who sprouts in love. For many of us women, the men in our life have been... (more)

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Support A Mother, Save Her Daughters

By Barkha Dhar, published on Jul 15, 2011

...harm that was plotted against the kids while they were in the womb and after their birth, and the evidence of a forged ultrasound on Mitu during her pregnancy proves that little girls would be best served and protected in Mitu’s custody only. Mitu’s case is an ordeal that many Indian women face being born and raised into a patriarchal society. Her story, however, is an inspiration of beating all the odds that surround the enthusiasm of her little girls. Mitu is a hero whose story is yet another chapter in the lives of those women who have survived at the cost of greed, treachery, ... (more)

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Now Eagles Dare

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 15, 2011

You play for the glory of your country

You make all young women aspire to be there

In the beauty of your style and skills

You show how eagles dare

Though the calls may go against you

And your energy may wane

If you hold fast to your purpose

You can win the final game.

Look for leadership from Abby

Know you can always count on Hope.

If the tide of play tilts the wrong way,

Meghan and Alex will come running to lift you up the slope.

Now you face the final foe,

A skilled and determined team

They will... (more)

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