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A Wish

By Rahul, published on Oct 12, 2013

Wish I could go back and

Let out all those words,

Once held back hoping

To set things right.

Wish I’d studied less and

Learnt more of life.

Ways to be content

With what I have and am.

Wish to just sit listening to,

The old wise sea singing.

Tales of those brave souls,

Who once walked her shores.

Wish to see just the good,

Even in the worst enemy.

Just as one tries to find

A light in the dark.

By Algo


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Dreaming? Goal setting? Or manifesting?

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 30, 2012

...forget as children that in our folklore or tradition we aim for presents as rewards for being good and goal setting. Santa, Easter Bunny, some even Thanks giving. These are all goals, much work has to be done to get to this far along the road.

To set your dreams as a reality, or a wish. Is the ability for you to work continuously no matter what in search of your goal.

For many people the goals are so important, they need space within their own relationships to get to the goal and then they look back and life wasn't what it turned out to be.

Goal setting,... (more)

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