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A Death Called Dove

By D. Sager, published on Mar 3, 2014

Found then a little dove cowering in the birth of new

A blade came near and scant to miss

only a hairs breath relinquishing bliss

Flying before her time with wind both a friend and foe

Thinking to see, her wings grow tired

Blind fear rushes in ne'er more inspired

A shy grasp at what becomes a mysterious fateful lore Trying but giving away the hidden life

Reduced to nothing and shut in by strife

Again the hungry clock stood its watch o'er gentle dove Only to alight were she would ne'er to fly

Wings fail to carry her to comforting sky

Talented... (more)

Tags: poem, fear, violent, silence, angry, foe, memory, wings, blade, dove, meredith taylor, quills, dmw

I Am A Dreamer Of Dreams

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 30, 2012

...die in the moment ? Do they extinguish all hope which burns in their heart? Do they snuff the flame of goodness from their soul? Do they lose all that they have been given in grace? Who has the right to take this from them? Why do they let them I ask....

Are we all not born with wings to soar? Endless promises which are in our hands to create. Yes, our feet are on the ground but we must reach for the stars and never surrender to defeat. There have been times I have had to hang my wings on the mantle and pull my thoughts away from the stars. I will rest and pick them up... (more)

Tags: life, grace, hope, imagine, wings, dreamers, soar


By D. Sager, published on Mar 26, 2012

In the early dawn, the dark and the bright birth

My silver cage flew open, and I wandered,


In the cool of the morning, the placenta of night

My foundling feet find rhythm, and I wandered,


In the heat of noon, the umbilical light a rage

My downy wings grow furious, and I wandered,


In the dying day, the flower of life now closing

My infant dreams lay in grasses, and I wandered,


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Tags: dreams, night, grass, infant, flower, dawn, cool, birth, silver, dark, wings, rage, aimless, cage, feet, flew, placenta, rhythm, umbilical, wander

You Are Not - A poets revenge against cliche's

By D. Sager, published on Feb 15, 2012

...often till meaning dies You are like brilliant truth, revealing my weakness for your body You are not like a rose whose fragrance and guarded beauty is an honorable mention You are like the smell of a thousand pines calling and seducing me to lay in your arms You are not like an angel whose wings carried you to me from afar Your are like mischievous devils whose temptations take me from fantasy to reality You are not like a song, a tune sung over and over, children clapping their hands You are like the sounds of waves, crashing your sexuality over my beaches You are not like gentle ... (more)

Tags: poem, truth, poet, rose, lightning, beauty, space, angel, cliche, fragrance, wings, devils, pines, waves


By D. Sager, published on Feb 15, 2012

I will guide you through your inhibitions To secret places beyond skin Slaying your fears and laying them at rest Released to feel abandon within Drop your fetters they are unable to keep you Rising on heated drafts of sense Plunging deep beneath waterfalls of escape Servants of winged concupiscence All your life woman, longing to aimlessly run A doe in grasses frolicking without censor Jumping over pillows of mossy wood Finding safety in my fertile pasture

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Tags: grass, safety, fears, abandon, doe, wood, wings, skin, drafts, fetters, moss, pasture, run, sense, slaying

The Fall Of Leave - Losing the wings of desire

By D. Sager, published on Feb 1, 2012

Stepping over the edge, I fall gentle but fast Everything a blur, except the ride now past I struggle with clipped wings of desire Feathers floating in a pinion fire Calls they echo, on cliffs of saddened Still I fall, my wings abandoned Through flight condemned to aviary Caught by fate in the fall of Leave

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Tags: poetry, fall, leave, flight, edge, aviary, cliffs, feather, pinion, wings

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